Deedee Morris on Dharma and Grace

Deedee Morris, owner and operator of Deedee Morris Photography is passionate about telling stories through images. Specifically, your story. Her images reveal the beautiful, raw and honest connections you have to your people and to yourself. Published internationally and locally, she has also shown her fine art portraits in galleries across Canada. She is also a founding member of Women in Dharma, a cooperative of women creating unique, uplifting, and life-changing experiences to support women aligning to their unique path. She lives on the east coast of Canada just outside of Halifax with her husband and twin toddlers.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • From moments of calm knowingness, years of soul searching, and an inner voice that stated to her one day “You want a family,” Deedee shares her journey while touching on the subjects of the existential crisis of motherhood, how suffering and inner voice coexist, the journey of being self-employed in something you’re passionate about, and how grace opens the door for love to come through.

  • Deedee suggests going for a walk and paying attention to your thoughts - they’re pieces of your inner soul coming through. These are baby steps on your journey of being you!

  • New mothers can meld together the all-encompassing new role of motherhood and the “old you” - Deedee talks about how she navigated this in her own life

  • Concept of grace as holding a space for mistakes to occur and to still love yourself. Then love flows into you and out to the people that you’re with.

  • Deedee’s all-female cooperative business Women in Dharma provides in-person and online gathering spaces for women to share their struggles and support each other. Website and social links below!

In DeeDee’s Voice

“If you look into Dharma, you’ll find this concept defined in different religions and spiritualities. At Women in Dharma, we define it as the journey of being you.”
“When you’re a creative person, it’s a very free expression of the inner voice. When I would take photographs, draw, or collage I’d look back and learn about what I was going through. I didn’t necessarily know at the time of creating, but looking back I saw so much meaning in it. That was also my inner voice speaking to me.”
Our dharma, inner self, and soul are meant to guide us into the good, the positive, the light. Paying attention to darkness and negative thoughts is dwelling in fear, not your true self.”
“[My twins] give me so much inspiration. They drive me to be the best person that I can be. I fail at it every single day, but every day I get to start from scratch.”
“A lot of people are afraid if they have to make money at it, it’s going to take the passion away. That’s definitely not been the case for me. It just keeps driving me.”
Grace to me is what makes relationships and yourself survive. I think that if people were able to have grace for one another, to fill their lives with grace, we would be such a forgiving society. As soon as you have grace for somebody, then there’s room for love to come in.”

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Deedee Morris Instagram
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Women in Dharma: Facebook
Women in Dharma: Instagram
Women in Dharma: Website

Practical Optimism for Inspired Living with Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw is an eternal optimist, building a world of optimism as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. It is her goal to inspire everyone around her to believe the best in each other and in the unlimited possibilities of the world. In pursuit of this goal, Elizabeth built the Davine brand on the foundation of her passion, optimism, and curiosity. She has successfully educated thousands of individuals and organizations on how to incorporate practical optimism into daily life, work, and events, in ways that are tangible, sustainable, and immensely rewarding.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • We all know people who are optimistic and pessimistic. Elizabeth talks about how it’s so important what you do with what you’re given!

  • How Elizabeth stalled for 7 years in launching her business because of perfectionism and discusses how important it’s been to release expectations, accept “good enough,” and find the right people on her path

  • Shutting off input and expressing herself creatively helps her be able to stay in the present moment, even if it’s a short meditation and journal period in the morning

  • Seeing optimism in smaller steps than one obstacle

  • Seeing the potential for the best in yourself and others can be an opportunity for growth and encouragement, or it can lead to crippling perfectionism. Seek balance!

  • Practical optimism is about shifting your experience to more positivity despite what hardships may happen. See the good, improve the world around you, and learn!

In Elizabeth’s Voice

“I’m very driven and I always think there’s something more to be working towards and improving. I’m also embracing the good in ‘what is,’ even if it doesn’t always look good on the surface.”
“I stopped seeing the good in front of me, or the good in what was, because I was always looking for how to make it better.”
What’s the point of living an optimistic life if you’re not enjoying the life you’re living now? If you’re only looking to the future, you’re missing out on so much in the moment.”
“If we’re just thinking optimistically towards the future we’re not actually doing anything to create that or move towards that. Action gets us out of where we are, gives us opportunities to learn, and teaches us lessons in how to apply optimism.”
“I attribute so much of the fulfillment and success I have in my life to living optimistically. I look for opportunities rather than be shut down by obstacles. I look for ways to connect and see others. I believe there is so much potential in the world.”

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Book: The Optimist’s Manifesto

Doing It Your Way with Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

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Jennifer Barcelos is an attorney, a changemaker, a mother, and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the Namastream software platform, the Soulful MBA school and community, and the climate justice nonprofit, Three Degrees Warmer. Prior to her foray into entrepreneurship, Jennifer served as a Gates Public Service Law Scholar and received a graduate degree in Environmental Science from Yale.
Sandy Connery is the co-founder of Namastream Software, Soulful MBA, and Connectable.Biz Software. After a twenty year career in footwear and gait analysis, Sandy sold her million-dollar brick and mortar retail business and clinic. She now brings her business experience to the online space where she loves to create community, teach, and inspire other women to find the freedom and impact they desire.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Listen to anecdotes Jeni and Sandy share from being revolted by the “tech incubator” experience to they themselves being the two support people on their software platform (decidedly not having bots answer questions) to their closeness as best friends, mothers, and full-time leaders who work remotely from home

  • How they weave soulfulness, artisanship, and feminist philosophy into all they do

  • Even a year before they officially started working together, Jeni and Sandy had congruent inner voice intuitions yet didn’t discover that until later!

  • The gratitude between these to women is clear - their working relationship is incredibly important to both of their lives and it’s a gift that they share with us how it works

  • Importance of not participating in the harsh masculine language of online business (like ‘crushing it,’ ‘dominating,’ etc) and consciously living by a code of conduct that resonates with you, even if it’s not the absurdly growth-driven “success” so sought after

  • How wellness practitioners can shift the belief that spiritual practices like yoga or meditation shouldn’t be profitable businesses

In Jeni’s and Sandy’s Voices

“Digital artisanship is the idea of taking the standards and principles of this offline artisan world and bringing it into the internet.”
“We met in a very masculine setting, we were in a course together with very few women in it. In this environment, it was about growth, profit, and speed. There was a real missing voice.”
“We did a lot of work early on the kind of company we want to build, how we want our customers to experience our company, how we want to empower women to be able to create their own business, have more freedom and flexibility with their time, earn more money, spend more time with their family or in nature. We just weren’t seeing that out there in the very ‘masculine’ economy.”
“Success is also watching our teachers on our platform succeed. They have a gift to bring to the world to teach; they use our platform to reach a greater geographical audience and make an online business because of our tool. Those ripple effects are extremely satisfying.”
“I want to cultivate the innate talents of other people in order to build wealth that supports all of us.”
“We have to be very careful of the words we use because that’s creating the world we live in.”

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Podcast Facebook page (Soulful MBA)
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Sandy Connery // LinkedIn

The Digital Artisan: A Manifesto for Crafting a New World

Let this be the summer that you give birth to the idea that has been simmering in your heart for so long! My Summer Mastermind is now open for application. Learn more and apply here.

Lisa Carpenter on Deep Trust, Commitment, & Integrity

Lisa Carpenter is the secret weapon for driven, ambitious, achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their highest level. With nearly 20 years of coaching experience and an extensive background in nutrition and fitness, Lisa brings a unique combination of coaching to her clients helping them claim a relationship in their lives, businesses or bodies free of stress, struggle and frustration. She’s the creator of E.A.T!™ and Feelings & Food™, her signature online weight loss and mindset programs, and also the author of the best selling Amazon book Let’s E.A.T! Lisa is a loving wife and proud mother of three boys. She and her family live in Steveston, British Columbia.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Of the many ways we numb out, the biggest one plaguing most of us is social media

  • Mindless scrolling means we don’t have to connect in with what’s going on in real life

  • Keep your head up from the screen and the feeling that you’re missing out on anything!

  • Things that make you feel alive - do those things, embrace your life!

  • Watch out for your excessive over-helping of others; it enables them to under-function

  • Numbing out the feelings that we don’t want to be with (being good enough, loved, belonging, security, anger, sadness) to cover up feelings of unworthiness

  • How Lisa came back from burnout to trusting herself to decide daily to work out or not

In Lisa’s Voice

Full frontal living is being 100% committed to showing up for yourself without using numbing or avoiding behaviors. It helps the women I work with step into next-level impact and influence because they have put their physical and emotional wellbeing as their #1 priority.”
You matter first in your own life.”
Numbing behaviors can look many different ways, from overeating to over-drinking, over-exercising, overworking, people-pleasing, controlling, approval-seeking, or caretaking.”
“Facebook no longer lives on my phone. I’ve put intentional time and boundaries around it. It’s not that I don’t have the time. I don’t want to make the time anymore for endless scrolling.”
“I was spending so much time taking care of everybody else and no time taking care of me.”
“For so many women, workouts are not about nourishing their body. It’s punishment for how they did or didn’t eat, or how they do or don’t look.”
“My number one priority is staying in integrity with myself around how I’m feeling.”
It’s a practice between knowing if we’re staying comfortable to stay comfortable, willing to get uncomfortable, and willing to tune into what you really need in the moment.”
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!
“You build trust by checking in with yourself on a daily and weekly basis to see if you’re honoring how you’re feeling and staying in integrity with the things you’ve committed to.”
Rest is a life business strategy. When we do less better, we perform at a higher level.”

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Mining Your Emotions for Data

Your emotions are more than just what you are feeling at any given moment. They hold so many truths (and lies) about who we are and who we are required to be. Our emotions can also teach us how to live a more intentional life, if we take the time to get curious about the information they have inside of them.

If you are interested in support in this journey of understanding who you are, listening to your inner voice and living into your inspired potential, let's talk about how inner voice coaching can work for you. Click here to schedule a free discovery call with me today!  You can also learn more about my coaching programs at

Dialing in Your Practice with Sara Intonato

Sara Intonato (E-RYT 500, Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga) is an Ashtanga yoga instructor with 15 years of teaching experience. She is the director of the Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga program at Absolute Yoga in Woodbury, New York, which is the only traditional Ashtanga program in Nassau county, and she teaches private one on one lessons. She also hosts multiple retreats per year, at local and international venues, and teaches an online yoga philosophy course. Teaching yoga is her gift, and she has made a business out of creating every opportunity she can to share the healing capabilities of yoga. A perpetual student herself, Sara continues to make annual trips to India and study at KPJAYI in Mysore. She lives in Long Island, New York with her husband and two children.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about...

  • Practices like yoga, meditation, journalling, and good sleep let you be more fully you!

  • The choice is ours to pause and take three deep breaths at any point in the day

  • Taking the pressure off of the idea of meditating makes it more approachable

  • It doesn’t matter how it goes after you start meditating, just that you started

  • What’s under the surface can be beautiful, intense, or provoke change

  • Calm your nervous system with yoga in order to connect with your own steadiness

  • Ancient practices of yoga and meditation provide equanimity; they’re not fads

  • Connecting to the life that you want is achieved through asking for help

  • Intention is so helpful when failure tends to stop your practice.

  • One way to deepen your practice is to go to a retreat or get a teacher.

In Sara’s Voice

“Practice can look so different from person to person.”
“Writing is very real. When I put something down on paper, a strong intention has been set.”
“I find that when I don’t have practices in my day that help me check in amongst all the chatter and distractions then I’m not successful.”
“My practices are meant to put me in a state so that I’m available to check in with myself.”
“For an overachiever like me who can get caught up in trying to meditate ‘right’, I have found it really freeing to think, ‘I just have to sit down.’”
“When you are doing any spiritual practice that requires your attention, there’s no escape. You’re going to feel your feelings. You’re going to see what’s beneath the surface.”
“Yoga and meditation give me a sense of quiet. Journalling gives me a great space to access visions, goals, and what I need to release.”
“Any practice is better than none!”
“Life is too short to spend a long time being stuck.”

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Sara’s Upcoming Yoga Retreat

Michelle Mazur on Your 3-Word Rebellion

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. founded Communication Rebel® on the belief that communication changes the world, so that’s what she helps business owners and speakers do: rebel against the status quo to make a difference, one compelling message at a time. She is the author of 3 books including the newly released 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business into a Movement and the host of the Rebel Rising podcast. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her adoring husband, three obsessive felines, and a huge collection of Duran Duran memorabilia.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Having 3-Word Rebellion calls in the right people and gets them to act

  • Michelle’s strategy helps entrepreneurs succeed, applying principles of social movement theory to their businesses

  • Define yourself by what you really love and what holds meaning for you

  • You can learn to craft your message and hear yourself over all the noise

  • Free-writing gets raw ideas onto paper, where you can deal with the ideas and patterns

  • Hear more about her step by step process of how to see objectively

In Michelle’s Voice

"It’s that one of a kind message that encapsulates the change you want to create for your audience. It helps you grow your business.”

"It makes people curious about what you’re doing in the world and compelled to act, to find out more.”

"Social movements are amazing at encapsulating the change they want to create in just a few words. Entrepreneurs do the same thing!”

“You have to figure out what you’re rebelling against and come up with a plan for something different.”

“It should really be about creating something bigger than yourself and making a difference!”

“I think what people are really craving now is significance, legacy, impact.”

“I believe your message comes from your own voice. Your 3-Word Rebellion exists in what you’ve been saying and creating, it’s just that you’re too close to it and your brain is too noisy to actually hear it.”

“There is no right or wrong, just the essence of what you’re actually thinking. So I recommend free-writing!”

“I look at the words as a data set, where I’m trying to figure out what patterns are there here?”

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Sarajane Case on Using the Enneagram to Connect with Your Inner Voice

Sarajane Case is a writer, speaker, podcaster and course creator based in Asheville, NC. She is the host of Brave Radio as well as The Enneagram and Coffee Podcast.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Enneagram is personality typing that changes with your circumstances

  • Only you can know your type! Quizzes are great but reading can help you uncover your motivation and thus your enneagram number

  • The Enneagram helps you become more aware of your behaviors and work with yourself better

  • How your number changes when you feel safe, open, able, and secure

  • What signs indicate needing self-care

  • Notice your indicators of being in a state of stress and being in a good place

  • Sarajane describes the light and dark sides of the enneagram numbers

  • Allow and embrace both the greatest parts of yourself and the ones you’d rather hide

  • External and internal qualities: experimenting with what you need to show up the best

  • Subtleties, knowledge and awareness that allow you to ask powerful questions

In Sarajane’s Voice

“The enneagram is essentially a personality typing tool, except it’s internally motivated and movable based on what drives you, what you’re afraid of, and levels of stress and health.”

“Enneagram is living and breathing. You can use it as a thing to work with.”

“In the nine basic Enneagram numbers, certain numbers play with other numbers in different seasons and different ways.”

“The moment of understanding your description and being like, ‘Oh, I resonate with this number!’ is where most tests end. The enneagram starts there. ‘Okay so I know my number. What does that mean for me? How does that impact my life? What behaviors that stem from that number that are serving me beautifully? What are the ones that aren’t serving me at all?’”

“When elements of a rest number show up, such as feeling spontaneous as a seven, it means your environment is supporting you.”

“When behaviors show up that only exhibit in your season of stress, how can you nurture, comfort and support yourself?”

“A lot of times we forget to ask ourselves the questions and we think that we’re out of touch with our intuition. But they’re there, just waiting for us to ask.”

Connect with Sarajane

Sarajane’s Instagram


The Enneagram Summit

Heather Dominick on Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Heather Dominick is a woman who is impressively successful, and highly spiritual. Heather is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award winning virtual event A Course In Business Miracles®: 21-Day Discovery Series. She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has been published in numerous books. An exceptional facilitator and teacher, Heather is known for creating a safe, sacred community for true transformation. She has helped thousands of HSE®s release lifelong limiting beliefs, overcome fears and learn how to build their business in a way that actually feels so good that they can’t help but create solid, sustainable, high level financial success. Heather is also the founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® movement.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • It can be such a gift to be a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE)

  • HSE’s can learn to approach overwhelm to be grounded, at peace, and successful

  • Whether you run into or away from the fire, or a little of both, a clear understanding of HSE traits helps you move into creativity under pressure

  • Trust and allowing your process to look differently are key

  • Heather went through dark doubt on being in her industry before she self-assessed as highly sensitive and began to apply what she learned to her work. Now she still has a seven-figure business but her experience is much more positive.

In Heather’s Voice

“A Highly Sensitive Person’s nervous system is wired differently, interpreting information and sense stimulation at a much high degree.”

“Being self-employed, the potential for overwhelm is staggering.”

“Highly Sensitives are extremely creative by nature.”

“When you tap into your creative strength, everything about being self-employed that perhaps felt so imprisoning can become an enlightening and fun experience.”

“The willingness for a shift absolutely requires a deep aspect of trust. The irony is that most of us who are Highly Sensitive have learned the exact opposite.”

“When I first heard the phrase and understood more from Dr. Elaine Aron’s work, it surprised me not that I was an HSP, only that I was off-the-charts highly sensitive.”

“I had a group of 25 female entrepreneurs I was working with take Dr. Aron’s assessment and not surprisingly every person was highly sensitive. What surprised me is that not one of them wanted to be highly sensitive. They saw it as a detriment. That room full of talented coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs is what really began what is now the HSE movement.”

Connect with Heather

A Course In Business Miracles



HSE Quiz

If you are interested in learning even more about Heather’s Work, I encourage you to sign up for her LIVE Teleclass on Wednesday January 9th, 2019 at 12pm, EASTERN, where she will be sharing some important insights she sees are needed for us in 2019 now more than ever and the changes she’ll personally be making to her business as a result. Click here to register.

Allowing Yourself to be Seen with Kala Philo

Kala Philo is a marketing video strategist for women who are the face of their brand and business. A marketing video producer for over 15 years, Kala founded The Ultimate System for Fab Videos, Finally Done, to teach clients a powerful, simple system to create and leverage smartphone videos and transform their marketing and engagement. She believes that the rise of online video is nothing short of a revolution, and she is passionate about simplifying video to empower thousands of women to develop confidence and mirror their unique brilliance on Video. A few years ago, Kala fulfilled a lifelong dream of downsizing to free up time and resources to travel solo while building her online business. Today Kala uses Mexico City as her homebase and co-produces the slow travel lifestyle blog La Vida with Wings with her guapo Mexican partner, Sergio Zavala.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about

  • Kala tells how she stripped away everything she had and began her location-independent business

  • She and Kelly discuss the privilege of having access to video as a resource for women who are the face of their business

  • There are a billion women who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to put up video and leverage that

  • Being your authentic self on video creates reaffirming feedback and helps you to be known and trusted in the online sphere

  • Tips for getting clarity on what your fears are to using video

  • Why brains are wired to be mesmerized by video

  • Business benefits of using video, including your website’s Google rankings

In Kala’s Voice

“I’m more of who I am than I’ve ever been, at 55 years old.”

“Every person is called to make a journey.”

“If you don’t like what you’re hearing and seeing in the world but you’re not stepping out with your own authentic voice, maybe you should share.”

“There are people out there who need what you’re offering.”

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Bernadette Doyle on Trusting and Willingness

Bernadette Doyle is a transformational expert and the founder of the Online Profits University, an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to create new income streams. Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 26 where she was successfully trading her time for money and found herself overwhelmed and constantly hustling despite how successful she was. After the birth of her first son, Bernadette found that her own success had become an anchor. As the demands on her time grew, suddenly she needed a team and to house and manage that team. Her previous business model was simply unsustainable. Soon after, Bernadette fully switched to an online model and soon found herself freed of her constraints. By packaging her expertise into products and online programs and connecting with customers by teleconference and webinar, she doubled her income in her first year as a new mother, all with time to spend with her family. By 2008, Bernadette had generated a million dollars in online sales and even masterminded personally with Richard Branson, all with the free time to be a single mother to her two children.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about:

  • As Bernadette started in business she began learning resilience as a business lesson

  • Bernadette tells her story of being a very successful businesswoman who had a subtle and sudden change seven years ago that she wasn’t conscious of at the time

  • Aligning closer with the business that is right with you will make you more successful

  • She defines success as using every opportunity to learn to lead a more balanced life

  • She asks, will challenges and opportunities throw you into chaos or teach you to balance?

  • There is something very powerful about the energy of Willingness - Power Vs. Force

  • Overwhelm is an indicator to course correct, even just as simple and short as a deep breath or two minutes of time out

  • If an activity can’t be eliminated, you need to delegate it or hand it off to someone else

  • An activity inventory helps you track which activities are revenue-producing and not revenue-producing but take up a lot of your time.

  • If you constantly wait for money to show up to make decisions, you won’t move forward at all. Leaps of faith are required.

  • You need to make the decision from the destination not the starting point

  • Be willing to work with the feedback from the market when it doesn’t work out as expected. Ask what needs to be adjusted and be willing to course-correct.

  • Women need time and space to be women, to work with her flows and know her own energy, especially those who don’t have a regular office job

In Bernadette’s Voice

“Moment of conflict - I feel like I should be doing one thing but I need to be doing another. I trust that there’s a plan. Things will work out in a way you couldn’t imagine.”

“Start where you are and start small to develop that trust that you’re aligning with the right business, like it’s a skill. Why not start by thinking small? Today is all I got, this hour is all I got.”

Willingness to be shown [a way], especially when you can’t see the details, opens up tremendous possibilities.”

“If I’m feeling exhilarated or content and looking forward to relaxation time with family, I know I’m on track. If I’m feeling stress or ratty, it’s feedback and I need to look more closely. I track the time I spend doing things I have natural ability for, versus things I definitely don’t feel energized by.”

Keep track of what you’re spending your time on. Did they energize you or did they drain you?”

“The things we’re excited about sharing as business owners have corresponding need in the world. There’s a group of people who are looking for that.”

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Write Your Book with Dallas Woodburn

Dallas Woodburn is an acclaimed writing coach and “book doula” who founded the 90-Day Book Breakthrough Program to help entrepreneurs give birth to the books that are burning inside them. She is the author of three books, both traditionally published and indie-published, and is the editor of two national anthologies. She also has experience as a freelance writer for dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites, and 30+ books in the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Dallas received her BA degree in Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California and her Master’s degree in Fiction Writing from Purdue University, and was a Steinbeck Fellow at San Jose State University. She has led groups and seminars at a number of national conferences, festivals, and book fairs, and is a frequent guest speaker at club meetings, on podcasts, and on TV shows. Her new novel The Best Week That Never Happened will be published by Month9Books in 2020.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about:

  • If you’re starting to write a book, it’s a weighty question of where to begin

  • Don’t try to think of the project as a whole or get ahead of yourself, just think about one story or message you want to share and write a page

  • Dallas’s dad being a writer made her very aware of the link between writing and book being made

  • While communicating in words was at first exciting, it’s now buried deep inside of us

  • The idea of remembering the magic of expressing anything through words and changing lives of people we’ve never met is an idea that can center you when you begin a new project or sit down to write

  • You can tap into that child-like place with practices like a photo reminder, going with the flow, letting go of expectations, making your favorite tea, lighting a candle, creating different playlists for each project you’re working on, etc

  • Rituals like these can help train your brain to get into special writing time, especially if you turn off your phone, shut down your email if writing on the computer and clear away any other distractions

  • Treat writing as a special time that you have with yourself; it’s nourishing!

  • As you’re writing, think about your ideal reader or even a particular person to write to and create a manifesto for yourself

  • How will what you’re writing help the audience you’re writing for?

  • Use the connection that your words will have with your reader as motivation to keep writing. Remember to ask yourself, “what do I really want to say to my ideal reader?”

  • Not feeling motivated is a normal part of the process, especially when your initial enthusiasm has worn off a little but you are far from the end goal

  • The “muddy middle” as Dallas calls it, is a common place for people to quit writing

  • By adding the phrase, “and that’s okay” to any inner voice, it takes the power away from the criticism

  • When asked what is the hardest thing about being a writer, Dallas replied that her response has shifted from external struggles such as getting published to the internal battles with self doubt, fear, and critical voices

  • These practices are relevant and useful even if you’re not writing a book - it’s a reminder to surround yourself people who listen and support you

  • As a coach she is a cheerleader and book doula - a container of support

  • Her inner voice is calling her to trust and listen to what her inner voice has to say

In Dallas’s Voice

“Someone else who you’ve never met and will never meet can read the words that you write and it can change their perspective or their life.”

“Every time I start a new project I feel afraid that maybe I won’t be able to find or its scary to me because it’s something new. Every book has felt different to me because it’s a different journey, it’s pushed me to grow”

“Writing your book is going to change you. You can’t hire that out. Self exploration and know yourself in the way if you write your book out.”

“It’s amazing how much wisdom we have inside ourselves that we don’t even know.”

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Michelle Gomez on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Michelle Gomez is an accomplished business executive, with nearly 2 decades worth of experience in the male-dominated transportation and logistics industry. She has been a strong advocate for women in the workforce; mentoring dozens of women to personal and professional success. A self-proclaimed reformed Corporate Burnout, Michelle managed to find a slower pace of career that allowed her time and space to address the Impostor Syndrome in her own life. Michelle then turned her attention to helping other high achievers recognize and overcome their own Imposter Syndrome struggles, writing a book about her own journey. Now she’s bringing her story and experience to others, helping high achievers overcome Imposter Syndrome for their own career success.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • The Imposter Syndrome is a behavioral phenomenon of highly competent individuals who dismiss their accomplishments, attribute success to outside forces, and fear being revealed as a fraud or imposter.

  • Sufferers of the Imposter Syndrome have difficulty internalizing success.

  • Michelle is a former corporate high achiever and author of “Own Your Brilliance”

  • Exhausted by giving all of herself to those around her and sensing the overwhelm of stress from her corporate job, she manifested an opportunity of working from home.

  • She developed inner fortitude by morning devotional time, reading, and journaling.

  • The five competency tendencies:

    • Perfectionist - extremely high expectations, harsh inner criticism and shame

    • Natural genius - assuming you have no natural inclination if a task isn’t easy

    • Expert - needing to become  more and more of an expert through credentials, certifications, and mastery, but always striving never thriving

    • Rugged individualist, the soloist - believes true competence is achieving task on their own; asking for help solidifies that they’re a phony, then shame is felt

    • Super human - grad students are heavy sufferers; all duties should be fulfilled masterfully; to be perfect in every role; to juggle it all and make it look easy;

  • She still practices, reviews, and reminds herself of what triggers imposter thoughts

  • Michelle has an ability to see through difficult behaviors of others as how they’re dealing with hurt and she gives people a space to share their brokenness. Her empathy and love helps them change their lives.

  • Show up, play big, play brightly. No more holding back on true gifts! That goes for everybody. It’s about living through to our inspired potential.

In Michelle’s Voice:

“It’s a behavioral phenomenon experienced by highly competent individuals, where they have a difficulty internalizing their success.”

“It’s a matter of changing your agreements with yourself and the outside world to reduce the amount of suffering from things like overthinking, making assumptions, and being easily offended.”

“I’m going to continue to create a space for people to dream bigger than they have been up to this point and eliminating fear as part of their experience.”

“I had tapped into the reality of living as a corporate burnout. My mind was at work, my heart was at work. I had given so much of my identity to my career.”

“The competency types of the imposter syndrome all lead to a fearful shame.”

Connect with Michelle:

Free Resources from Michelle




Cultivating a Life that Reflects Your Essence with Bianca Mastrototaro

Bianca Mastrototaro is a Home, Body, Soul Shaman and the one woman show behind her business, Enchanted Living Spaces. Bianca originally started her business working with the energy within the home through Elemental Space Clearing and Feng Shui but then expanded to working with the body and soul after observing that your home, body, and soul must be aligned in order for true manifestation of the life you desire to occur. All three elements are key to enhancing your self worth, releasing limiting beliefs and old traumas, and developing a brand new energy that aligns with the life you truly want and she is here to help you accomplish that.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly welcomes and introduces Bianca

  • Bianca helps create an exterior that reflects your soul, the interior, through her work

  • After college in an unrelated field, she stumbled on inspiration to change paths

  • The intuitive full-body “yes” that intuitively led her to be doing this kind of work

  • How home, inner environment, and soul can align with your spiritual and life goals

  • Unconditional love and financial freedom are examples of goals we all really want

  • Clutter (books, decorations, clothes that don’t fit) is the number one home block

  • Let go of items that radiate energy that counters your highest goals and dreams

  • We should love ourselves without comparison to the past

  • Bianca says to constantly update your environment to keep it empowering you

  • Creating space to bring another soul into your life

  • Beware of holding onto material things out of sentimentality for an earlier phase

  • You must give yourself the opportunity to find the love and joy in the moment

  • Once you’ve removed clutter, clear out the energy footprints of deep-rooted emotions

  • The energy of sound can indicate where energy is stagnating and what’s in flow

  • She teaches paying attention to how each room makes you feel with your eyes closed

  • Add the feeling of where you like to be most in nature into your home

  • Kelly describes how we all can translate intuition into an ability to influence your home’s energy

  • Bianca encourages us to crack ourselves open to this experience of shifting the home energy into very positive, life-supporting living spaces

  • Inner voice: finding ways to connect more deeply with our source of wisdom - your body is going to know, as we walk through our home every day

  • Rearranging furniture according to feng shui and chi is like acupuncture for your home

  • Elevate your environment by bringing in colors from nature that make your soul sing

  • Check out Bianca’s free course, Home Body Soul Ascension, on how to get you started, intro to energy, decluttering your wardrobe, plants to ionize your home.

  • Listen to your body and go with your heart

In Bianca’s Voice:

“Not just your home needs to be in alignment, but your inner world needs to be in alignment too.”

“There are a lot of hidden things in your home that relate back to self worth.”

“This is a sacred space. If you are done with that aspect of your life, you have to get that stuff out of your house. [...] I think a lot of the times we hold onto things because it was a better time, according to us.”

“ really have to experience temporarily that grief, sadness, anger from the past to open yourself up to experience the good. If we’re denying the negative emotions we’re denying the positive emotions.”

“I do believe that once your home environment changes, your body tries to meet that energy. So, if your home is vibrating at a higher energy, your soul and body will try to meet that.”

“We have this ability and sometimes it can be scary, and you’re right it can be intimidating but if you start to crack yourself open to this and you actually experience and can feel the difference after this”

“Finding a way to make your home easy. And that’s why clutter is so important, because if you’re looking for something and you can’t find it, how does that make you feel?”

“Your body will tell you, if you can just quiet your mind enough to ask the questions, you know your body will speak the truth and you can practice this. It’s almost like your home is like a puzzle. Finding the proper placement for you. With feng shui, allowing yourself. Become your own feng shui practice just by listening to what your body says.”


Connect with Bianca:

Get Bianca’s free course, Home Body Soul Ascension

Bianca’s blog



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The Beauty of Boundaries with Brigid Dineen

Brigid Dineen is a Resilience Coach for Women on a Mission. Through her one-on-one coaching, online courses, workshops, she helps women learn how to say no without feeling guilty so they can reclaim their time, energy and peace of mind. Brigid believes in a world where wellbeing comes first. She draws from her extensive background in yoga, meditation, coaching and fitness to help her clients embrace self-care and cultivate healthy boundaries so life can feel as good as it looks.  Brigid is also the host of the podcast Guts & Grace: How to Create Space for YourSELF in a World That Would Rather You'd Stay Small.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Brigid Dineen.

  • Brigid shares why and how boundaries became the thing she is most passionate about.

  • The slow awakening of women putting themselves on their own priority list.

  • We can be dissatisfied and we can complain -- dissatisfaction is what leads in the direction of our desires, but complaining typically means we’re not taking any action to fix that dissatisfaction.

  • Any time you go after a desire you must have create boundaries around that desire.

  • Brigid shares how calling off her first engagement began the process of learning how to set boundaries in her life.

  • Women have a heart of service, so they feel selfish when they try to do things for themselves. Kelly and Brigid discuss how to break down this wall.

  • Kelly shares a very important PSA.

  • If you’re going to make yourself a priority, you need to start with baby steps - Brigid shares how to start.

  • You must consider your starting point. Your baby steps may look different than the woman’s next to you.

  • Brigid describes what setting a real and healthy boundary looks like.

  • When making decisions for yourself you must listen to your Inner Voice. Try the decision on and sense how it feels.

  • Brigid shares the quote, "Make the little decisions with your head, and the big ones with your heart."

  • Making choices, and pursuing goals from a purely logic based place versus actually listening to your deeper desires.

  • Brigid shares a story of essentially turning down an amazing opportunity because of what she thought was guilt.

  • Brigid’s practice of tuning into her desires.

  • Physical activity can help you connect to your desires faster.

  • Giving yourself permission to make mistakes and to possibly fail.

  • Brigid shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Brigid’s Voice:

“The key to boundaries is being able to distinguish what is our responsibility versus someone else's responsibility. Not trying to micromanage somebody else's reaction to our desires for instance.”

“Over the years, there has been a slow awakening about what life can look like when we decide to put ourselves on the priority list, and actually stand in our power."

“Whether you're a mother, a partner, or even in the workplace very often there can be some gendered implications for what types of roles women play.”

“I am worthy of shifting a dynamic in my relationship.”

“Tapping into my own desires, insisting on pursuing things that resonated with me, and using my own resources to do it was the thing that made it so that I moved on from my ex.”

“Once you start taking baby steps, then the path will reveal itself. You don't need to have it all figured out. You don't need to blow up your life.”

“If your calendar is not your own, if your resources don't feel like they're available to you, for things that matter to you, then it's worth taking a closer look at what areas in your life you might be able to take some baby steps there.”

“If I could trust that everybody was going to support me, and nothing would blow up, what would I really want to do?"

“The more that people do physical activity, the more they just inherently take better care of themselves in other parts of their lives as well.”

“Making mistakes can feel painful, but it's absolutely essential if we're going to get to the fulfillment that we so deeply desire in our lives.”

Connect with Brigid:

Brigid’s Website

Brigid’s Podcast

Lighten Your Load (Free PDF download)



Awaken Your Inner Rebel with Shereen Thor

SHEREEN THOR is a host, author, rebel, movement starter, and serial artistpreneur who lives life on her terms and helps others do the same. Between her quirky comedic style and her in your face ability to catalyze others into empowerment; she can’t be ignored.

Her career first started in stand up comedy where just after two short years of being in the game she was quickly getting scouted by the likes of MTV, VH1 and E!. While making people laugh was fun it wasn’t fully fulfilling. She was an inspiration junkie, obsessed with human behavior and what makes people tick, so while making people laugh she worked on getting certifications in NLP and as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) to cultivate her ability to change lives for the better.

She found a way to fuse her comedic skills with her desire to inspire and became a host on the Oprah Winfrey Recap Show on Afterbuzz TV. She was then picked up as a host and producer on an international network CSAT TV where she pioneered The Shereen Show to discuss topics like life, love, passion, and emotional health on an international network. She then went on to found AWAKEN THE REBEL, a movement that helps people stop settling for less and live an extraordinary life by their design. She wanted to take the power and efficacy of Tony Robbins and mix it with an edgy MTV feel so that it could capture the attention of those who think they are too cool for school. In her words, “AWAKEN THE REBEL is the gateway drug to the world of personal development.”

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Shereen shares what she means when she says inner rebel.

  • Shereen’s message is to all the reformed good girls out there, “It’s time to listen to your inner bad girl.”

  • Shereen’s first big awakening came when she realized she’d adhered to her mother’s expectations.

  • Despite having “everything” Shereen wasn’t fully happy with her life the way it was.

  • A self-help seminar is when Shereen’s views on things turned around.

  • What “Good Girl Syndrome” means to Kelly and Shereen and how it affects others.

  • Kelly shares her story of being a rebel, but also being sure to have good girl tendencies.

  • How parents react to their children’s choices and how they fear for their success.

  • In the past, Kelly has felt that people would like her more if she was good.

  • The ladies discuss the feeling of being abandoned and needing to feel loved.

  • Shereen describes how you can pick back up the pieces after they’ve been abandoned.

  • Morning Pages

  • The Artist’s Way and the self-destructive patterns that often look honorable to the outside world, but it is really crushing your soul.

  • Shereen shares how we all begin to change the meaning of selfish.

  • How to nurture your inner rebel.

  • Once you ask for what you want, the Universe begins to work to bring it to you.

  • How women can nurture and care for themselves.

  • Kelly asks Shereen what her Inner Voice is asking of her today.

In Shereen’s Voice:

“My work is to support people in awakening the rebel, get in touch with that little hottie in there. See what she really wants.”

“Following your truth is actually going to look rebellious or disrespectful.”

“I'm not going to do this anymore. I'm going to fully choose to show up in the world as the truth of me, and sometimes that might hurt, but I can take a bullet.”

“I learned a pattern of abandoning myself in an effort to please others.”

“We need the belonging, we need the love and we also need to feel loved for who we actually are.”

“The same way the frog dies a slow death, he doesn't realize that the water is slowly coming to a boil and then dies, I think the same can happen with the awakening. I think you can do a slow awakening where you're not shocking yourself like maniac.”

“Women need to learn to self advocate for their spirit, for their soul, for themselves.”

“Let it be okay that some people are going to be disappointed and just let it be okay that you're not there for everyone else. Just let it be okay for you to be selfish for a moment.”

“We've been socialized to feel bad for being selfish because our role and our value comes from giving and loving and care for everyone else, and that's beautiful.”

“If you are selfish you are also giving. You can't be one without the other.” ~ Kelly Covert

“Your work is to make sure you do not abandon yourself.”

Connect with Shereen:

Shereen’s Website

Shereen’s Podcast




Your Soul's Purpose with Jennifer Longmore

Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” and 3-time best selling author, is world-renowned for her laser like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal consciousness.

For more than 15 years, she has served clients in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are so that they can live their most abundant, aligned, and accelerated soul’s journey. With over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries, Jennifer continues to offer these high-level sessions to souls who are really committed to shining their light.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Jennifer Longmore.

  • Jennifer shares how she got to where she is now with her soul’s journey.

  • It can be a struggle to be claircognizant in school, because not everyone understands.

  • Jennifer shares her journey to acceptance, after trying to shut the thoughts and feelings down.

  • The Akashic Record

  • Our soul’s calling - and is this our soul’s achievement or what we should be doing with our life.

  • Free questions to uncover your soul’s calling

  • Overcoming the fear around our soul’s purpose.

  • We used extremely charged words to describe fears that are often just an illusion.

  • Kelly and Jennifer discuss the fear associated with performance and how it relates to our fears around our soul’s calling.

  • More tips on how to clear out this fear and actually show up for our audience (in whatever way fits your needs)

  • Stop stuffing who you are down, let yourself shine.

  • We are not meant to resonate with everyone, but we are meant to resonate with ourselves.

  • The book: Four Agreements

  • How to handle it when you do not resonate with yourself, or you feel a way you don’t like.

  • Jennifer shares how she gets back into alignment.

  • Focus on who you want to be, and how you want to be remembered.

  • Jennifer shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Jennifer’s Voice:

“I feel like for those of us that are claircognizant, we may struggle a little bit more with expressing ourselves because we're aware that what we say a lot of times makes people feel uncomfortable, and we're not even sure why.”

“The Akashic Records are basically your soul's blueprint, your soul's path in this lifetime, so everyone you're meant to meet and the parents you choose. Give you all of the learning that you needed and what you're here to master and what you're here to share, all of that is built into your chart."

“Our purpose is to receive wisdom from other people, and in doing so in that exchange of energy, almost like an infinity symbol, we send that information back to the universe, and the universe evolves as we evolve, so then we each have our own imprint.”

“Unless there's an actual risk to our safety, our fear monger, our monkey mind is really just trying to keep us small because our ego's designed to protect us, and our soul's designed to help us feel expansive, so anytime we're not facing a real fear, and by that I mean a legitimate, I've got a fight or flight sort of moment, then we know that's illusion.”

“The cool thing is is that because we're always going to be too much or not enough for people, we're not gonna win either way, and it really isn't a game anyways, so let's just be ourselves."

“We just always do our best, and our best is going to change from day to day, but as long as I feel like I've done my best in each moment, then that allows me to feel like I'm resonating with the essence of who I really am.”

“When I focus on who I want to be and how I want to be remembered, that can really help me shift.”

Connect with Jennifer:


Jennifer’s Website

Uncover Your Soul’s Calling

The Purpose Posse (Jennifer’s Facebook Group)




Self-Healing Through Deep Listening with Lane Kennedy

With more than 20 years experience in biohacking for health, while living in long-term recovery from alcoholism, Lane Kennedy brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others find bio-individualized wellness. Since conquering her own health problems (an immunity syndrome) and chronic pain (with the help of cannabidiol), she’s become a tireless advocate for anyone struggling or stressed and looking for revolutionary solutions. Lane is a graduate of Dave Asprey’s certification program that helps you learn how to teach others to optimize their own biology for their best possible health. She works with clients on real alternatives to conventional medicine including deep mindfulness/meditation practice. As a businesswoman, Lane considers herself a serial entrepreneur and enjoys coaching entrepreneurs with her thorough understanding of stress and building businesses.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Lane Kennedy.

  • Lane shares her backstory on how she’s gotten to a place of deep listening and healing.

  • What happened when Lane’s body began to break down after quitting drinking.

  • The difference between data and intuition and how it affect Lane’s life.

  • How Lane came to her journey of deep listening.

  • Using meditation in a different way by using the breath and going deeper.

  • Lane shares how the meditation practice allowed her body to speak to her.

  • Hemp oil and how it changed Lane’s life, by alleviating pain from her “dental chair accident.”

  • Listening to her Inner Voice tell her it was okay to try this hemp oil helped change everything.

  • Writing and a strong circle of women is how Lane is always questioning her stories, versus succumbing to them.

  • Lane questioned her Inner Voice when she was involved in a startup because a great deal of money was involved.

  • The ladies discuss Dave Asprey, biohacking and bulletproof coffee and how listening to what your body says is more important than what an influencer may say.

  • Your body will tell you what it wants you to give it and what it needs to nourish.

  • Kelly discusses her sensitivity to gluten.

  • How Lane balances loving herself right now where she is, understanding her worthiness versus always wanting to be better.

  • It’s hard, but you must know what YOU need in order to feel whole and happy.

  • Lane shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Lane’s Voice:

“I feel like my intuition is super strong. I’ve tapped into that. It’s always been there. I either ignore it or I don’t. And what the data does - it’s a tool. It’s simply a tool that I use to reflect on.”

“I learned how to meditate in a different way by using my breath and by going deeper within. It shifted my perspective on how I saw the world and how I saw the data and how I had conversations with doctors and people in my life.”

“When I was on the [meditation] pillow or sitting, my body was calm and quiet. And my symptoms were calm and quiet.”

“With chronic pain, there’s a depression that comes. You’re sleep-deprived. And there’s a disconnection that happens between me and my inner voice because I just wasn’t present."

“There’s a difference between that voice saying it’s time to leave and the voice that said you’ve got this, you’re the boss! But I wanted to believe that the “you’ve got this, you’re the boss” voice because I was getting paid. I was getting the accolades. It looked good. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to the voice when it’s not gonna look the way you want it to in the moment.”

“Listening to that inner voice of you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. It’s been a huge change for me.”

“It’s a priority to put my self-care and that self heart and love into me so that I can give back and be present and helpful and be of service to others.”

Connect with Lane:

Lane’s Website

Lane’s “In Her Voice” Freebies




Defining Beauty and Confidence on Your Terms with Mary Hyatt

Mary Hyatt is on a quest to feel alive and to live a life full of gratitude, joy, authenticity, and abundance in body, mind and soul. Mary believes that every person has the ability to embrace a life and body they love. Mary is the creator of Babe, Redefined a 6 week online course to help women make peace with the mirror, quiet their inner bully and love their body.

Mary lives in the heart of Nashville and her days are spent juggling the rolls of holistic lifestyle advocate as a Presidential Diamond wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils, and personal life and business coach. She helps her clients wake up, find their voice and become fully alive.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Mary and asks her to describe how she came to know she was worthy, as she is right now.

  • Mary shares the story of where she was 6 or 7 years ago, and how she got to where she is now.

  • Mary helps women find the 2.0 version of themselves.

  • Many of us shut our emotions off when we don’t like ourselves, Mary shares how she began to feel again.

  • Tara Brach

  • One of the reasons we avoid our feelings so much is because we believe they are going to overtake us.

  • Book: Intuitive Eating - And, how it changed how Mary fed her body.

  • Getting curious about her feelings, is how Mary began to change her mind and body.

  • Acknowledge how you feel and then use it as data.

  • Feelings as vibrations of the body, they’re not who you are.

  • Dave Asprey and Peter Sage

  • Mary hated her body so much that in order to start loving herself, she had to show gratitude for her body. This all started in a yoga class, Mary shares the full story in this episode!

  • Babe, Redefined is the name of Mary’s course - she shares why she chose the word “babe” which can be a triggering word.

  • The state of freedom women experience when they release the fear they’ve been living with.

  • What “babe” means to Mary.

  • Mary shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Mary’s Voice:

“I think most women start playing this role that we have been handed by society, our family, our spouses, our friends. And it’s this role of playing the good girl where we are quiet, respectful. We believe we need to be small, be little because we don’t have the sense of self-worth.”

“I gave myself permission to feel my emotions - it felt very risky. It felt like this may turn out to where I can’t bring myself to go back. And what I needed to do is little by little give myself permission to identify those feelings.”

“I think sometimes we are afraid to feel our emotions because we believe that if we feel certain emotions, that becomes who we are.”

“When you touch the parts of your body that you’ve totally abused and berated and you ask for forgiveness, all of a sudden you can come to peace with something that you thought was your enemy and enter into a state of acceptance and love.”

“You will have a smile on your face. You will feel like you are glowing. And you will feel a sense of confidence, bravery, courage, resiliency, and just that true, fierce femininity, when you begin feeling your emotions.”

Connect with Mary:

Mary’s Website

Babe, Redefined