Practical Optimism for Inspired Living with Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw is an eternal optimist, building a world of optimism as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. It is her goal to inspire everyone around her to believe the best in each other and in the unlimited possibilities of the world. In pursuit of this goal, Elizabeth built the Davine brand on the foundation of her passion, optimism, and curiosity. She has successfully educated thousands of individuals and organizations on how to incorporate practical optimism into daily life, work, and events, in ways that are tangible, sustainable, and immensely rewarding.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • We all know people who are optimistic and pessimistic. Elizabeth talks about how it’s so important what you do with what you’re given!

  • How Elizabeth stalled for 7 years in launching her business because of perfectionism and discusses how important it’s been to release expectations, accept “good enough,” and find the right people on her path

  • Shutting off input and expressing herself creatively helps her be able to stay in the present moment, even if it’s a short meditation and journal period in the morning

  • Seeing optimism in smaller steps than one obstacle

  • Seeing the potential for the best in yourself and others can be an opportunity for growth and encouragement, or it can lead to crippling perfectionism. Seek balance!

  • Practical optimism is about shifting your experience to more positivity despite what hardships may happen. See the good, improve the world around you, and learn!

In Elizabeth’s Voice

“I’m very driven and I always think there’s something more to be working towards and improving. I’m also embracing the good in ‘what is,’ even if it doesn’t always look good on the surface.”
“I stopped seeing the good in front of me, or the good in what was, because I was always looking for how to make it better.”
What’s the point of living an optimistic life if you’re not enjoying the life you’re living now? If you’re only looking to the future, you’re missing out on so much in the moment.”
“If we’re just thinking optimistically towards the future we’re not actually doing anything to create that or move towards that. Action gets us out of where we are, gives us opportunities to learn, and teaches us lessons in how to apply optimism.”
“I attribute so much of the fulfillment and success I have in my life to living optimistically. I look for opportunities rather than be shut down by obstacles. I look for ways to connect and see others. I believe there is so much potential in the world.”

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Book: The Optimist’s Manifesto