Deedee Morris on Dharma and Grace

Deedee Morris, owner and operator of Deedee Morris Photography is passionate about telling stories through images. Specifically, your story. Her images reveal the beautiful, raw and honest connections you have to your people and to yourself. Published internationally and locally, she has also shown her fine art portraits in galleries across Canada. She is also a founding member of Women in Dharma, a cooperative of women creating unique, uplifting, and life-changing experiences to support women aligning to their unique path. She lives on the east coast of Canada just outside of Halifax with her husband and twin toddlers.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • From moments of calm knowingness, years of soul searching, and an inner voice that stated to her one day “You want a family,” Deedee shares her journey while touching on the subjects of the existential crisis of motherhood, how suffering and inner voice coexist, the journey of being self-employed in something you’re passionate about, and how grace opens the door for love to come through.

  • Deedee suggests going for a walk and paying attention to your thoughts - they’re pieces of your inner soul coming through. These are baby steps on your journey of being you!

  • New mothers can meld together the all-encompassing new role of motherhood and the “old you” - Deedee talks about how she navigated this in her own life

  • Concept of grace as holding a space for mistakes to occur and to still love yourself. Then love flows into you and out to the people that you’re with.

  • Deedee’s all-female cooperative business Women in Dharma provides in-person and online gathering spaces for women to share their struggles and support each other. Website and social links below!

In DeeDee’s Voice

“If you look into Dharma, you’ll find this concept defined in different religions and spiritualities. At Women in Dharma, we define it as the journey of being you.”
“When you’re a creative person, it’s a very free expression of the inner voice. When I would take photographs, draw, or collage I’d look back and learn about what I was going through. I didn’t necessarily know at the time of creating, but looking back I saw so much meaning in it. That was also my inner voice speaking to me.”
Our dharma, inner self, and soul are meant to guide us into the good, the positive, the light. Paying attention to darkness and negative thoughts is dwelling in fear, not your true self.”
“[My twins] give me so much inspiration. They drive me to be the best person that I can be. I fail at it every single day, but every day I get to start from scratch.”
“A lot of people are afraid if they have to make money at it, it’s going to take the passion away. That’s definitely not been the case for me. It just keeps driving me.”
Grace to me is what makes relationships and yourself survive. I think that if people were able to have grace for one another, to fill their lives with grace, we would be such a forgiving society. As soon as you have grace for somebody, then there’s room for love to come in.”

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