How To Be Strategically Creative with Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris is a social media strategist and trainer working with frustrated entrepreneurs who are tired of spending hours online with no results. Through her podcast, live video, membership community, and consulting she helps business owners take control of their social and actually see results so they can up their income.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about...

  • Stacey’s ability to think on her feet is one unexpected aspect of her creativity

  • A gratitude list helps create the space to honor yourself

  • Strategic creativity was born out of building social media marketing and now applies to her life in lots of ways

  • Take the pressure off to think of something clever: be creative more often

  • Strategies are living and breathing, they’re in pencil! They’re not there to control you

  • Maximize the creative energy of the moment: batch your content! Swap or reorder on a whim only because you have structure in the first place!

  • Stay in the space of content creativity for longer before switching into distributing

  • Map out your plans when you’re not feeling creative and lean on it to feel creative

  • These ideas work not just for entrepreneurs but for families, meal planning, and more!

  • Learn how Stacey structures her life to front-end decision fatigue, which rewards her with more time and even more space for creativity later!

In Stacey’s Voice

“Creativity for me is that state when you’re effortlessly coming up with ideas.”
“There’s so much creativity in entrepreneurship, in living our lives, in problem solving.”
“Starting a business while having a two year old took a lot of creativity!”
“A gratitude list is easy the first week. Then you run out of things to be grateful for. It forced me to dig deeper. I realized I’m grateful I can always find a solution - it’s a skill I’ve always had.”
Creativity is not reliant on skill. I can enjoy the exercise of doing something creative.”
“For me it’s about creating a foundational structure that allows me to semi-reliably become creative and share things worth sharing.”
“On days when I’m not feeling creative, I can lean back on days when I was and just use that.”
Almost no one is clever and creative on demand.”
“The plan, organizing, structure, and system were not there to contain me but to support me!”
Building out that initial structure of here’s what I’m saying, who I’m talking to, what I have to tell them, allows me to then come in with a certain perspective.”

“You’re probably already using systems in your life and really love them. Just apply that!”

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Practical Practice

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This week's episode is all about practice - letting go of the results we typically expect from practice (ahem, perfection) and tapping into the deeper benefit of daily and practical practice.


If you are needing support and accountability in developing your own practice of listening to your inner voice, check out my newest coaching program, Inner Voice Coach in Your Pocket.

Dialing in Your Practice with Sara Intonato

Sara Intonato (E-RYT 500, Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga) is an Ashtanga yoga instructor with 15 years of teaching experience. She is the director of the Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga program at Absolute Yoga in Woodbury, New York, which is the only traditional Ashtanga program in Nassau county, and she teaches private one on one lessons. She also hosts multiple retreats per year, at local and international venues, and teaches an online yoga philosophy course. Teaching yoga is her gift, and she has made a business out of creating every opportunity she can to share the healing capabilities of yoga. A perpetual student herself, Sara continues to make annual trips to India and study at KPJAYI in Mysore. She lives in Long Island, New York with her husband and two children.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about...

  • Practices like yoga, meditation, journalling, and good sleep let you be more fully you!

  • The choice is ours to pause and take three deep breaths at any point in the day

  • Taking the pressure off of the idea of meditating makes it more approachable

  • It doesn’t matter how it goes after you start meditating, just that you started

  • What’s under the surface can be beautiful, intense, or provoke change

  • Calm your nervous system with yoga in order to connect with your own steadiness

  • Ancient practices of yoga and meditation provide equanimity; they’re not fads

  • Connecting to the life that you want is achieved through asking for help

  • Intention is so helpful when failure tends to stop your practice.

  • One way to deepen your practice is to go to a retreat or get a teacher.

In Sara’s Voice

“Practice can look so different from person to person.”
“Writing is very real. When I put something down on paper, a strong intention has been set.”
“I find that when I don’t have practices in my day that help me check in amongst all the chatter and distractions then I’m not successful.”
“My practices are meant to put me in a state so that I’m available to check in with myself.”
“For an overachiever like me who can get caught up in trying to meditate ‘right’, I have found it really freeing to think, ‘I just have to sit down.’”
“When you are doing any spiritual practice that requires your attention, there’s no escape. You’re going to feel your feelings. You’re going to see what’s beneath the surface.”
“Yoga and meditation give me a sense of quiet. Journalling gives me a great space to access visions, goals, and what I need to release.”
“Any practice is better than none!”
“Life is too short to spend a long time being stuck.”

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Sara’s Upcoming Yoga Retreat

Mary Shores on The Power of Words

Mary Shores is the author of Conscious Communications: A Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life. Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, she has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to identify their goals, create new ways of thinking, and take action to create meaningful results. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses, and has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about...

  • Words, thoughts, feelings, actions: aspects of manifesting

  • Do you see the world through rose colored glasses, smudged glasses, or clearly?

  • Mary cautions us against trauma bonding. It’s disempowering, reinforces the negative

  • Stories of excitement make you like a magnet to other people

  • Mary shares her expertise on creating rocking affirmations!

  • Doing affirmations consistently builds a pathway in the subconscious

  • One outloud declaration to make someone happier by the end of the call informed her bestselling book and all parts of her life - words are powerful!

In Mary’s Voice

Your words influence your internal drive and reveal your internal thoughts and emotions.”

True knowledge is when you see life as it really is. That’s your most powerful decision-making state of being.”

Trauma bonding is when we are telling traumatic stories to our past in order to create a resonance, bond, or connection with another person.”

“The way you talk about yourself, is a reflection of your identity.”

“Those [trauma] stories are best kept until you have a strong relationship with someone.”

“When you’re meeting someone or wanting to share parts of your life, all it takes is focusing on the triumphant.

“The most beautiful part of your story is definitely in how you have learned to move forward.”

I’m living a life that is more beautiful than it was before. I have the wisdom, awareness, and experience to consciously make choices I’m in control of. My moments in life are more delicious. Everything works more effortlessly. Not all the time. Life is a journey and many times it’s uncomfortable. Being authentic isn’t going around saying you have a perfect life!”

“The point of affirmations are to support your emotional state in the world. When you feel better, you’re going to do better!”

“Everyday in every way, I’m building the connections that are creating my future life right here and now.

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Daily Desires Diary

Mary’s In Her Voice Ep. 106, “The Science of Personal Development

Michelle Mazur on Your 3-Word Rebellion

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. founded Communication Rebel® on the belief that communication changes the world, so that’s what she helps business owners and speakers do: rebel against the status quo to make a difference, one compelling message at a time. She is the author of 3 books including the newly released 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business into a Movement and the host of the Rebel Rising podcast. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her adoring husband, three obsessive felines, and a huge collection of Duran Duran memorabilia.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Having 3-Word Rebellion calls in the right people and gets them to act

  • Michelle’s strategy helps entrepreneurs succeed, applying principles of social movement theory to their businesses

  • Define yourself by what you really love and what holds meaning for you

  • You can learn to craft your message and hear yourself over all the noise

  • Free-writing gets raw ideas onto paper, where you can deal with the ideas and patterns

  • Hear more about her step by step process of how to see objectively

In Michelle’s Voice

"It’s that one of a kind message that encapsulates the change you want to create for your audience. It helps you grow your business.”

"It makes people curious about what you’re doing in the world and compelled to act, to find out more.”

"Social movements are amazing at encapsulating the change they want to create in just a few words. Entrepreneurs do the same thing!”

“You have to figure out what you’re rebelling against and come up with a plan for something different.”

“It should really be about creating something bigger than yourself and making a difference!”

“I think what people are really craving now is significance, legacy, impact.”

“I believe your message comes from your own voice. Your 3-Word Rebellion exists in what you’ve been saying and creating, it’s just that you’re too close to it and your brain is too noisy to actually hear it.”

“There is no right or wrong, just the essence of what you’re actually thinking. So I recommend free-writing!”

“I look at the words as a data set, where I’m trying to figure out what patterns are there here?”

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Karen Aberle’s Invisible Dance of Love

Karen Aberle, author of #1 Amazon bestseller Love’s Invisible Dance, has spent the last 30 years researching and teaching about relationship. The dance became visible to Karen through her extensive studies in the philosophy of language, an 18-year apprenticeship with Huichol shamans of central Mexico, and her own 30-year marriage. Through her leadership program, Mindful Collaboration, Karen has coached individuals and teams in Fortune 100 organizations to achieve extraordinary results by better understanding how to learn, love, partner, and fight -- the same skills she and her husband have taught around the globe in their Deep Relationship programs for individuals and couples seeking more love in their lives. A native New Yorker, Karen now lives in Dallas, close to the embrace of her children and grandchildren.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Relationship discourse is traditionally invisible in our culture - not taught in schools

  • Energy of attractiveness can be created in our speaking

  • Why taking a beginner’s mind to relationships is key

  • The need to look as though “you know,” blocks opportunity for learning

  • How “not wanting to make mistakes” factors with courage in all kinds of relationships

  • Intimacy: allowing a slow unfolding of our authentic selves

  • Honoring the choices of the other; honoring oneself

In Karen’s Voice

“There are universal laws about relationship - one of them is that it happens in language; another is that we’re constantly being drawn towards and repelled from other people.”
“We need to learn how to make requests and assessments effectively. Assessments are always an opinion. We have to be able to listen and understand other’s intentions. We begin to look much more deeply under the surface of the words.”
“In my view you’re never more attractive than when you’re open, operating in a mood of wonder, you have generosity, you show up as grateful, and you are interested.”
“As human beings we are constantly growing, constantly in a space of learning.”
“Another law of relationship is that we are here to learn. There is a way to increase the speed and effectiveness of learning.”

“Intimacy is the willingness to be mutually, deeply known. Do you want to be loved for who you truly are, or do you want to be loved for who you pretend to be?”
“If we don’t give ourselves permission to be learners, it’s going to be impossible to be intimate with someone else.”
“We declare to each other, ‘Your concerns are my concerns.’ This is the foundation for partnership.”

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Sarajane Case on Using the Enneagram to Connect with Your Inner Voice

Sarajane Case is a writer, speaker, podcaster and course creator based in Asheville, NC. She is the host of Brave Radio as well as The Enneagram and Coffee Podcast.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Enneagram is personality typing that changes with your circumstances

  • Only you can know your type! Quizzes are great but reading can help you uncover your motivation and thus your enneagram number

  • The Enneagram helps you become more aware of your behaviors and work with yourself better

  • How your number changes when you feel safe, open, able, and secure

  • What signs indicate needing self-care

  • Notice your indicators of being in a state of stress and being in a good place

  • Sarajane describes the light and dark sides of the enneagram numbers

  • Allow and embrace both the greatest parts of yourself and the ones you’d rather hide

  • External and internal qualities: experimenting with what you need to show up the best

  • Subtleties, knowledge and awareness that allow you to ask powerful questions

In Sarajane’s Voice

“The enneagram is essentially a personality typing tool, except it’s internally motivated and movable based on what drives you, what you’re afraid of, and levels of stress and health.”

“Enneagram is living and breathing. You can use it as a thing to work with.”

“In the nine basic Enneagram numbers, certain numbers play with other numbers in different seasons and different ways.”

“The moment of understanding your description and being like, ‘Oh, I resonate with this number!’ is where most tests end. The enneagram starts there. ‘Okay so I know my number. What does that mean for me? How does that impact my life? What behaviors that stem from that number that are serving me beautifully? What are the ones that aren’t serving me at all?’”

“When elements of a rest number show up, such as feeling spontaneous as a seven, it means your environment is supporting you.”

“When behaviors show up that only exhibit in your season of stress, how can you nurture, comfort and support yourself?”

“A lot of times we forget to ask ourselves the questions and we think that we’re out of touch with our intuition. But they’re there, just waiting for us to ask.”

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The Enneagram Summit

Creating Impact with Ali Boone

Ali Boone left her corporate, 9-to-5 job as an Aeronautical Engineer to create lifestyle design and start her own business. Now she goes to school (for fun!), travels and flies airplanes. How does she do this? Ali has found a great way to generate truly passive income by investing in turnkey rentals. Through her company, Hipster Investments, Ali teaches others to do the same.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about

  • Ali discusses growing up “epically left-brained” - math, airplanes, good grades

  • Breaking out of not even “having feelings” - she was so in her head that it overrode any actual feeling that was happening

  • Becoming an entrepreneur was a mindset change

  • Lifestyle design is a constant journey

  • Openness to discovering something new about the self

  • Keys to feelings: not judging what comes up

  • Getting over her tendency to over-analyze by learning to be a neutral observer

  • She had the “coolest job” - top secret flight test engineer for top secret military planes

  • She is grateful for experiencing that, but always had her inner knowing it wasn’t for her

  • Passion vs. living in the way you want to live

  • Surrender and patience with the process - there’s a reason for the pace it’s happening!

  • We don’t have an owner’s manual but we do have our intuition

In Ali’s Voice

“I spent about five years trying to get out of my corporate job. I had no idea where that was going to take me. It was a journey in itself. It was a journey of trying as hard as I could and being open to what was presented to me.”

“It was a soulful journey of finding out who I am (I was under some false impressions). In some ways I’m not different at all today but in other ways I’m completely different”

“It’s about the lifestyle design, who I am, what I’m here for, and really just enjoying life, minute by minute.”

“We have resistance: there could be some reason that we’re terrified to suddenly not be the thing we’re supposed to be.”

“I was like, I should explore this emotion-feeling thing. It was such a mystery. And it was frustrating for quite a while because I was even asking people to explain them to me. I was hoping for a bulletized spreadsheet list! People would just stare at me. For the longest time, I was just clueless.”

“At that point because of how gracefully it had laid itself out, it was so clear to me, there were no questions at all that I had to be doing this. It was as if someone signed me up for this and I had no choice. It was partially knowing, and partially building it in a way that made it concrete for me.”

“I don’t think you could survive as an entrepreneur if you don’t have passion somewhere in the equation. The only thing that got me through the roller coaster was for the freedom of lifestyle. I want this so bad that I’m willing to rough out the hard times.”

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Hipster Investments



Heather Dominick on Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Heather Dominick is a woman who is impressively successful, and highly spiritual. Heather is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award winning virtual event A Course In Business Miracles®: 21-Day Discovery Series. She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has been published in numerous books. An exceptional facilitator and teacher, Heather is known for creating a safe, sacred community for true transformation. She has helped thousands of HSE®s release lifelong limiting beliefs, overcome fears and learn how to build their business in a way that actually feels so good that they can’t help but create solid, sustainable, high level financial success. Heather is also the founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® movement.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • It can be such a gift to be a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE)

  • HSE’s can learn to approach overwhelm to be grounded, at peace, and successful

  • Whether you run into or away from the fire, or a little of both, a clear understanding of HSE traits helps you move into creativity under pressure

  • Trust and allowing your process to look differently are key

  • Heather went through dark doubt on being in her industry before she self-assessed as highly sensitive and began to apply what she learned to her work. Now she still has a seven-figure business but her experience is much more positive.

In Heather’s Voice

“A Highly Sensitive Person’s nervous system is wired differently, interpreting information and sense stimulation at a much high degree.”

“Being self-employed, the potential for overwhelm is staggering.”

“Highly Sensitives are extremely creative by nature.”

“When you tap into your creative strength, everything about being self-employed that perhaps felt so imprisoning can become an enlightening and fun experience.”

“The willingness for a shift absolutely requires a deep aspect of trust. The irony is that most of us who are Highly Sensitive have learned the exact opposite.”

“When I first heard the phrase and understood more from Dr. Elaine Aron’s work, it surprised me not that I was an HSP, only that I was off-the-charts highly sensitive.”

“I had a group of 25 female entrepreneurs I was working with take Dr. Aron’s assessment and not surprisingly every person was highly sensitive. What surprised me is that not one of them wanted to be highly sensitive. They saw it as a detriment. That room full of talented coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs is what really began what is now the HSE movement.”

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A Course In Business Miracles



HSE Quiz

If you are interested in learning even more about Heather’s Work, I encourage you to sign up for her LIVE Teleclass on Wednesday January 9th, 2019 at 12pm, EASTERN, where she will be sharing some important insights she sees are needed for us in 2019 now more than ever and the changes she’ll personally be making to her business as a result. Click here to register.

It's Okay To Want Something Different

Don't end this year by beating yourself up over what you didn't accomplish. Instead use these three intentions to help give you perspective, joy and a great start on your goals for 2019! 

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Monique Lang on Connecting with Your Core Self

Monique Lang, LCSW, has trained extensively in many models of psychotherapy and mindfulness, providing her with a wealth of experience to help heal the whole person—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She has expertise in trauma treatment and teaches at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Monique is coauthor of Journey to Wholeness, and author of Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress, Meditations for Healing, and Ceremonies for Healing.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about

  • Learning to connect with your core self and inner knowing

  • Traumatic events happen to all of us

  • As a therapist she helps release the burdens, both physiological and psychological

  • Monique emphasizes that there are many paths to healing

  • Paying attention psychologically, asking questions, listening to when you learned

  • Being present with what is, with gentleness and lovingness

  • Reiki as asking to allow the energy to come through

  • Humor and compassion for self for not meditating perfectly!

In Monique’s Voice

“If you are in freeze and there is no way to release the physiological as well as the narrative of what happened, it gets stuck in the body.”

“I think it helps to have someone mirror, reflect, and ask the questions you wouldn’t ask yourself.”

“The core Self is the essence of who we are, that which connects us to spirit and energy. In meditation when you’re fully yourself and fully not yourself is Self. You’re just there in that liminal space. It is beautiful but not overly helpful in managing your life. Thus ‘parts’ [of Self] develop to help us live our life.”

“When you bring understanding and compassion to whatever is coming, you’re present. And when you’re present, you’re in self.”

“Where and how did I learn to not pay attention? Where and how did I learn to drive myself to exhaustion? No Blame. Curiosity.”

“Try stopping for three minutes. There are a zillion ways to meditate. It’s finding those ways inside yourself. There is no one way.”
“You don’t have to do it right and you can’t do it wrong.”

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Teaching at Kripalu

Allowing Yourself to be Seen with Kala Philo

Kala Philo is a marketing video strategist for women who are the face of their brand and business. A marketing video producer for over 15 years, Kala founded The Ultimate System for Fab Videos, Finally Done, to teach clients a powerful, simple system to create and leverage smartphone videos and transform their marketing and engagement. She believes that the rise of online video is nothing short of a revolution, and she is passionate about simplifying video to empower thousands of women to develop confidence and mirror their unique brilliance on Video. A few years ago, Kala fulfilled a lifelong dream of downsizing to free up time and resources to travel solo while building her online business. Today Kala uses Mexico City as her homebase and co-produces the slow travel lifestyle blog La Vida with Wings with her guapo Mexican partner, Sergio Zavala.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about

  • Kala tells how she stripped away everything she had and began her location-independent business

  • She and Kelly discuss the privilege of having access to video as a resource for women who are the face of their business

  • There are a billion women who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to put up video and leverage that

  • Being your authentic self on video creates reaffirming feedback and helps you to be known and trusted in the online sphere

  • Tips for getting clarity on what your fears are to using video

  • Why brains are wired to be mesmerized by video

  • Business benefits of using video, including your website’s Google rankings

In Kala’s Voice

“I’m more of who I am than I’ve ever been, at 55 years old.”

“Every person is called to make a journey.”

“If you don’t like what you’re hearing and seeing in the world but you’re not stepping out with your own authentic voice, maybe you should share.”

“There are people out there who need what you’re offering.”

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Originality vs. Authenticity

If you have ever worried about not being original, this is the episode for you! I'm riffing on originality vs. authenticity and why it really does matter for you to share what your inner voice is asking you to share!

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