In Her Voice Ep. 33: The Power of Accountability

Why does it have to be so hard to ask for help? Why do we make it mean so many things about us that we need help? This week's solo episode is about the power of accountability - how we can use support and structure to our advantage to help us move our lives in the direction our inner voices are asking us to go.

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In Her Voice Ep. 32: Orly Wahba on Kindness

Orly Wahba is an educator, speaker, entrepreneur, author and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be. Since her teenage years, Orly has worked extensively with tweens and teens as well as local charities in her community providing a helping hand for those who need it most.

Orly began her career in Kindness as a Middle School educator at the Yeshivah of Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY, teaching the children to embrace unity, build their self-esteem, and use the power they have to influence the world for good. Orly is well known for incorporating and integrating ideas of kindness, love and respect in the hearts and minds of her students both in and out of the classroom setting. She is often quoted as saying, “Kindness, don’t just do it…LIVE IT!”

Yearning to make a larger impact with her philanthropic work and after having been inspired by a small sign on a plane labeled “Life Vest Inside” Orly founded (2011) Life Vest Inside, a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire, empower and educate people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness. Life Vest Inside encourages people to embrace the incredible power of giving and recognizes that in times of hardship, kindness, like a life vest, keeps the world afloat.

LVI shot to national attention when Orly’s short film Kindness Boomerang went viral, receiving more than 100 million views and coverage in media outlets such as The TODAY ShowNBCCBSADWEEKInternational Business Times and more. In 2013 Orly was invited to speak at TED about the Power of Kindness.

Most recently Orly published her first work, Kindness Boomerang, a lesson-a-day book focusing on developing the kindness muscle.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • How kindness creates empowerment

  • What she learned by going all in on her big dreams.

  • The fear of actually pursuing the dream.

  • How we begin to doubt our abilities to fulfill our dreams

  • Orly tells the story of how losing her home in a fire during high school spiraled into a deep depression where she almost lost her dreams and who she was.

  • The power of giving to heal ourselves.

  • The difference between giving from strength and giving from weakness.

  • Taking ownership of our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel our pain.

  • Learning how to give inward so we can give to others.

  • The importance of having a daily checklist that is about self-care and giving inwardly.

In Orly's Voice:

“Kindness has the power to go from one person to another seamlessly and creates a ripple effect.”

“When dialogue happens, connectivity takes place and change ensues.”

“When we lose that faith, coming back to finding it within ourselves insures that no one will ever be able to take it from you again.”

“The more I gave, the more the pieces of me began to heal.”

“Giving helped me to see myself again.”

“We need to allow ourselves to feel the pain.”

“Kindness is not an action, it's a way of life.”

Connect with Orly:

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In Her Voice Ep. 31: Balance's what seemingly every woman I know is looking for, but can never seem to find. Why?? Because IT'S A MYTH!! In this episode, I offer another way to look at how we spend our energy that feels so much better!

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In Her Voice Ep. 30: Holly Worton on Mindset

audio Block
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Holly Worton is an author, podcaster, and business mindset coach for women
entrepreneurs. She works with women who are feeling stuck and frustrated with their
business because they're struggling to fully step into their highest potential as
entrepreneurs. Holly helps them release their fear of visibility, set aligned prices for their
products and services, and take easy inspired action to grow their business.

It's usually not lack of business or marketing knowledge that holds us back in business.
That's all easy to learn. It's our mindset that stops us from creating the business we want. If
you've ever struggled with self confidence, self esteem, or even setting prices that reflect
your true value, Holly can help. There's a fast and easy way to move past the fears, blocks,
and limiting beliefs toward your vision of your ideal business.

Take the first step toward having a steady stream of your ideal clients by signing up for her
free Unlock Your Client Blocks Kit, or sign up for a free discovery session to get clear on
which things are getting in the way of a steady stream of clients in your business.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • What we mean when we talk about mindset.

  • The difference between mindset and intuition.

  • The importance of decluttering our mind and how to do that. Here's a link to my 5 Days of Journaling Program with the Clearing Space exercise:

  • The importance of taking action on what your inner voice is telling you to do.

  • How to be okay with not knowing what the next step in the plan is.

  • How the feelings of yearning can lead us to where we are supposed to go.

  • Holly shares her story of creating a new process to use with her clients and the trust and courage that was involved.

  • Why we need to own our worthiness in order to be able to do our soul work.

  • What Holly learned on her silent retreat.

  • Why doing the hard work of clearing our limiting beliefs is worth it.

  • Holly shares her story of spending most of her life pretending to be someone she wasn't so she could fit in, and how that led her to connect with her inner voice.

  • How to return to who we truly are.

  • The importance of having a support crew in your life.

  • Here's a link to my interview on Holly's podcast:


In Holly's Voice:

“Give yourself permission to feel that uncomfortable icky feeling, so you can then open yourself up to the work that needs to be done.

“The most important work I've done in my life is helping myself being connected to and hearing my inner voice.”

“Start letting go of the things that don't serve you and don't make you happy, and start focusing on the things that do.”

“The more you guide yourself by the inner compass of your feelings, the more you get back on track.”

Connect with Holly:

In Her Voice Ep. 29: Overcoming Perfectionism

We all know on an intellectual level that we can't be perfect, so why do so many of us continue to beat ourselves up when we aren't? In this episode I share how perfectionism holds us back and things we can do RIGHT NOW to help us begin our lives as recovering perfectionists and step into our worthiness TODAY.

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In Her Voice Ep. 28: Living with Intention with Cassandra Bodzak

CASSANDRA BODZAK is the best selling author of “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up” and the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, Cassandra is a global meditation and wellness teacher who instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, meditation, and self-care to create their 'next level' life. She has been dubbed a "spiritual leader" by Well and Good and is the mindful cooking show host of Eat with Intention TV or you may know her as the happy, healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste. Cassandra speaks all over the country, works with a select group of clients one on one and enjoys spending her free time on the beach in Santa Monica enjoying life.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • What it means to live with intention.

  • Becoming an observer in your own life through mindfulness practices.

  • Taking the opportunity to choose who we are going to be in any given moment instead of going into default mode.

  • The power of intention to transform our lives as we are living them.

  • The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

  • How Cassandra's decision to be joyful pivoted everything in her life.

  • Why meditation works.

  • Easy steps to get started in your own meditation practice.

  • Cassandra's guided meditation playlist on Youtube

  • The benefits of meditation.

  • The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

  • Creating intentions that are more open-ended instead of outcome oriented.


In Cassandra's Voice:

“When our intentions are aligned with our soul, we end up creating a life that really lights us up.”

“A big part of this journey of listening to your inner voice and listening to your whole wisdom is not BS-ing yourself.”

“If your intention is to find joy, that will always point your ship in the right direction.”

“Set your intention on your feelings, and the outcome will come.”

Connect with Cassandra:

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In Her Voice Ep. 27: Fear

What role does fear play in your life? Chances are a bigger one than you think, especially if you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Join me as I talk about the ways fear shows up, the problem with fear, the GOOD thing about fear, and how to make fear your friend.

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In Her Voice Ep. #26: Shirley Melis on Transforming Through Grief

Shirley Melis is a longtime business writer, travel writer, and newspaper columnist who traveled the world interviewing everyone from busboys to heads of international organizations before launching a career in public relations in Washington, D.C. With Banged-Up Heart, she now takes her writing in a new direction, delving deeply into her own personal story of finding love late, losing it early, and discovering the strength to choose to love again. It is a fascinating odyssey, a journey both creative and erotic as Shirley and John work lovingly together to blend their dreams—until a mysterious bump on his forehead starts them on a tragic struggle against the dark hand of fate.

A graduate of Vassar, Shirley Melis has created an intimate memoir bearing eloquent witness to the kind of wild trust that can grow in the heart of an ordinary woman thrust into circumstances that few others must face. Now retired, she lives in Galisteo, New Mexico.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Her story of discovering her inner voice as she worked through her deep grief of losing her husband.

  • The concept of “unpacking” our feelings and emotions around a circumstance.

  • How writing takes us to a deeper understanding of who we are.

  • The concept of Depth Journaling by Barclay Braden

  • Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg

  • The difference between getting over grief and going through grief.

  • How to find gratitude in your grief, and how to learn what it is offering to teach us.

In Shirley's Voice:

“There's a connection that seems to unlock the consciousness when pen is in hand.”

“I don't want to go through life without an awareness of what I'm doing.”

“Grief tests our courage to go on.”

“I think some risks are worth taking.”

Connect with Shirley:

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In Her Voice Ep. 25: Eating as Deep Work

What if food was another way for us to be connected with our inner voice? On this week's solo show, I'm sharing my huge epiphany about food and the way I see it working in my body! I've never been so excited to talk about HOW I'm eating and how it is absolutely changing my relationship with my body and my inner voice!

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In Her Voice Ep. 24: Andrea Klunder on Creativity

Andrea Klunder is the producer and host of The Creative Impostor podcast, a show all about how to take bold action in your life and work, despite the little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT!”

She is the creator of the Podcast Envy launch pod program and Creative Impostor Studios to help people elevate their message in new ways through podcasting, audio books and creative digital media, and is the program director for Power Your Story, podcasting for teens in Chicago.

Andrea is the founder of the Chicago Women's Creative Collective and is a meditation & yoga teacher for startup companies, creative individuals and children. Andrea’s classes integrate her background in music, theatre and creativity to engage students in a playful experience of peaceful practices.


Most importantly, Andrea loves singing kirtan (musical meditation) as much as humanly possible and is hopelessly addicted to learning new things and passing them on!

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • What we mean when we talk about creativity...and it's way more than you think!

  • How we are ALL creative whether or not we realize it.

  • How to manage risk when it comes to being creative and making choices in general.

  • Imposter Syndrome – trust me you aren't the only one who feels like you are faking it!

  • The importance of receiving compliments and positive feedback instead of deflecting it.

  • Understanding our own identity and owning who we are.

  • Identifying the “throughline” in your life.

In Andrea's Voice:

“Creativity is something that is a part of life.”

“Creativity is something that we inherently have in us as humans.”

“How we do things gives us a bigger picture of our identity than just what we do.”

Connect with Andrea:

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In Her Voice Ep. 23: Anger

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This week's solo topic is anger. It's something we all deal with on a regular basis, especially if you have kids (am I right or am I right?). I talk about practical ways we can begin to own our anger and focus on feeling good...which is hard to do when you are raving mad.

I love this episode coming on the tail of Ep. 22 on Surrender with Casey O'Roarty. I really feel like they go hand in hand. Be sure to listen to that one if you haven't already!

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In Her Voice Ep. 22: Casey O'Roarty on Surrender

Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed., is a facilitator of personal growth and development.  Her work encourages parents to discover the purpose of their journey, while also providing them with tools and a shift of mindset that allows them to deepen their relationships with themselves and their families. As a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer since 2007, Casey has led countless groups through workshops and classes that have left them feeling empowered and excited about parenting. She also offers online classes and individual coaching at  

Casey lives in the PacificNorthwest with her greatest teachers – her husband and adolescent kids.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • The importance of surrendering to the outcome of any given situation. Letting go of our control and just being present to what is.

  • What would it look like to give people space to be who they are instead of trying to make them who we want them to be.

  • Tapping into intention and applying it to our way of being.

  • The practice of surrendering over and over again.

  • Learning how to process our own emotions is a life skill we need to develop.

  • The danger of using relationships to seek validation in our own lives.

  • Surrendering to our own imperfection.

  • What it feels like to be honest with yourself about who you are.

  • How to begin to understand our generational stories we carry with us, and how to surrender in our complex relationships with our mothers.

In Casey's Voice:

“I'm going to surrender to whatever shows up.”

“We are all in the creation of the experiences we are having.”

“What real self-esteem is is a learning and appreciation of who you are through your experience.”

“It's an emotional experience to be in relationship.”

Connect with Casey:


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In Her Voice Ep. 21: Abundance

This week (and month for me) is all about creating a mindset of abundance. And not just financial abundance, but abundance in so many other areas as well. Listen in as I talk about how to shift your focus and really get your abundance flowing!

I mentioned a couple of things you might like to check out during this episode:

My interview with Kate Mahoney in episode 18 where we talk about being instead of doing.

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My interview with Mellisa Reeves in Ep. 20 about putting connections first.

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In Her Voice Ep. 20: The Wisdom of Womanhood with Mellisa Reeves

Through writing, podcasting and birth support, Mellisa Reeves' goal is to provide connection and support for women and their experiences of motherhood, creating space for issues such as birth choices, loss, anxiety & career balance.  She believes in the innate intuition that all women possess and in helping mothers truly own and tell their stories. She is the co-host of the podcast, Motherbirth.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Her transformation from someone who was completely disconnected from her intuition to a woman who understands just how deep her feminine power lies.

  • Finding the willingness to become who you want to be.

  • How a loss can be the catalyst to pull yourself into a new place of being.

  • How her son helped her begin to listen to her inner voice.

  • Learning to distinguish the difference between what we know in our head vs. what we know in our hearts and bodies.

  • Understanding that if what we are doing isn't working, we can choose to change it without risking anything.

  • Hold Onto Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld

  • Making the connection with everyone in your life AND with yourself the number one priority.

  • Blog post about generational healing and how we often withhold what we needed most as a child.

  • Understanding that our own needs are legitimate and learning how to take care of them.

In Melissa's Voice:

“Part of the journey of motherhood is realizing the stakes aren't as high as we think they are.”

“If you want something different you have to do something different.”

“Put the connection with your child first.”

“As women we don't believe that our own needs are legitimate, and that has to change.”

Connect with Mellisa:

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In Her Voice Ep. 19: Flow

When I talk about "flow" what exactly do I mean? 

Being in the zone, being fully present without judgment and at the same time finding ease, going with the flow.

It can mean so many things, and yet it is one word that says so much. When I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I discovered that "flow" is one of my core desired feelings. Today I'm talking about where my flow is right now and how you can join me right inside of it by supporting In Her Voice.

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In Her Voice Ep. 18: Speak Your Truth with Kate D. Mahoney

Kate D. Mahoney is a miracle and she wants you to know you are, too. Even if that’s not what you’d call it. 

She’s named after the feisty, independent character in William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, and was born in Washington, D.C., to educators and activists. Sporting purple feet pajamas as a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz, Kate didn’t know her role of a lifetime would ultimately be that of just being herself.

Kate spent her formative years in Alexandria, Virginia, and then the Republic of Ireland. While on summer vacation in her parent’s birthplace of Central New York, she was diagnosed with stage four germ cell ovarian cancer and later experienced multi system organ failure. She was 14.

International and nondenominational prayer requests were directed to a deceased nun by the name of Mother Marianne Cope. Kate’s discharge papers state her recovery from the organ failure could not be explained medically. Her case led to the canonization of Mother Cope, and an adventure that was as sacred as it was side-splittingly funny to Vatican City.

Kate holds a B.A. in drama from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, as well as certificates from iO Chicago and Second City. She is an international speaker and activist who travels the globe to share honest and humorous anecdotes from her life as patient and caregiver.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Her journey through becoming a “miracle” and what that taught her about who she really is.

  • How to find and use your voice to speak for those who can't

  • The balance of taking care of others and taking care of ourselves and how we need both as women

  • The difference between doing and being.

  • Kate's practices of staying grounded in her breath to remember the importance of letting go of all the things she needs to do.

  • The importance of asking for support and having accountability built into your day.

  • How to maintain perspective in regards to our health.

  • The freedom that comes with realizing we don't have to fit into just one mold.

In Kate's Voice:

“There's a perception that a lot of women have that they convince themselves their voice doesn't matter.”

“There's taking care of others and taking care of ourselves, and we can't have one without the other and have a sustainable life.”

“We discount our happiness because we think we have to be do-ers and not be-ers.”

“You're not these separate fragments, but your body, mind and heart are all together.”

“I'm the one who sets the tone for the day.”

“I alone can give myself permission.”

“Who cares if what you do doesn't look like what your friend does?”

Connect with Kate:

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In Her Voice Ep. 17: Gratitude Changes Everything

There is something magical about gratitude. It has the power to change a moment of despair to a moment of delight. It can completely shift our attitudes, our perspectives and our lives! Learn how to use gratitude to bring more of what you want into your life today!

I am so grateful to you for tuning into the podcast! Each and every time you listen you are practicing your own everyday worthiness. You are saying to yourself I matter and I trust my inner voice. Thank you for all that you are doing to be more of you each and every day.

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In Her Voice Ep. 16: Sarah Williams on Giving Yourself Permission

After working in finance for 8 years, Sarah Williams quit her city job and spent 18 months travelling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and doing a ski season. She used this time to help her decide on what she wanted to do with her life, and came back to set up Tough Girl Challenges as a way of motivating and inspiring women and girls.

She is also the host the Tough Girl Podcast where she interviews inspirational female explorers, adventurers, athletes and everyday women who have overcome great challenges. She completed the Marathon des Sables in April 2016, and in 2017 she will be thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days! 

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • How physical challenges help us connect with our true inner voice by building our internal confidence.

  • Physical training vs. emotional and mental training

  • Using visualization to help you achieve your goals.

  • The “What If” scenario practice

  • How living with passion has helped silence her inner critic.

  • When you wear a mask for long enough, you start to become that person.

  • The power of finding your purpose.

  • The uprising of women seeking out alternative ways to share their voice.

  • The power of vulnerability

  • The fear of failure.

  • The benefits of gratitude.

  • Why we need to give ourselves permission.

In Sarah's Voice:

“It's not just about achieving the goal, it's about what you learn along the way.”

“When you aren't doing something you are passionate about, there is a disconnect internally.”

“I got tired of having to be someone I'm not.”

“The only person I can be is me.”

“If you can be vulnerable, it's an incredibly powerful place to get to.”

“The reason you are here is because of the decisions you have made.”

Connect with Sarah:

In Her Voice Ep. 15: Give Yourself Permission

How often do you give yourself permission to do what you want to do, to say what you want to say and, most importantly, to be who you want to be?

Listen in as I talk about why it's so important to start giving yourself permission.

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In Her Voice Ep. 14: Samantha Livingstone on Lasting Joy

Samantha Livingstone is an Olympic Gold Medalist, transformational speaker, writer and empowerment coach, mama of four girls and ME-time warrior.  She is on a mission to help inspire and empower others to step into their light – to live free, dream big and shine bright.  She is the founder and mentor of Inspire & Empower, a team of over 50 entrepreneurs – supporting them as they turn their passion for helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives into a thriving business.

She was a member of the US National Team, 1999 US Pan Pacific Team and 2000 US Olympic Team.  As an 18-years-old, she stood atop the Olympic podium – in Sydney, Australia - after swimming the lead-off leg of the record setting 4 x200 Freestyle Relay.  She ended her career as a 7xNCAA All American – closing out her career as the co-captain of the 2005 National Champion Georgia Bulldogs. 

She was named the 2005 NCAA Georgia Woman of the Year and a recipient of the 2005 NCAA Top VIII Award given to student-athletes for their success on the fields and courts, in the classroom and in the community.  She earned the Joel Eves award at the University of Georgia for earning the highest GPA of all student-athletes in her graduating class.  She was a recipient of post-graduate scholarships from the SEC and NCAA. 

Samantha resides in Berkshire County, Massachusetts with her husband and four daughters.  She’s a mama of multiples and a mama of a heart warrior.  The wife of a coach and entrepreneur. 

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Her journey from being an olympic gold medalist to understanding who she really was underneath all the titles.

  • “What's next” syndrome

  • How to move past perfectionism into worthy now.

  • Healing through nurturing others

  • How and when our inner critic shows up

  • Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Kristen Neff

  • Our love of all things Brene Brown

  • Samantha's practice of self-compassion

  • The importance of self-care in battling our inner critic

  • How to balance achieving with worthiness, and how to tell the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving.

In Samantha's Voice:

“Perfectionism takes the wheel when we are most vulnerable.”

“My dreams got really entangled with perfection and started to get drowned out.”

“I just had to get out of my own way.”

“Nurturing others helped me to heal.”

“'I've found lasting joy in the mess of life.”

“I've let go of the rigidness around my dreams.”

“You have to be able to quiet the noise to hear your soul.”

Connect with Samantha:

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