Visionary Spotlight: Heather Avis - Shouter of Worth

Heather Avis is wife to her handsome and hardworking man Josh, and mother to the adorable Macyn, Truly and August and Author of "The Lucky Few" (available everywhere books are sold). After working as an Education Specialist she found herself as a full-time stay at home mom when she and her husband adopted their first daughter, Macyn, in 2008. Shortly thereafter, in 2011, they adopted their second daughter, Truly. And in 2013, their son August was born and came home to be theirs. Heather currently resides in Southern California where between oatmeal making, diaper changing and dance parties she shares her heart by putting words on paper and using her hit Instagram account @macymakesmyday, to share the awesomeness of all things Down syndrome and adoption. She cares fiercely for the underdog and believes God's goodness and beauty are found in the most seemingly uncomfortable places."

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Heather and invites her to deeply share her story.

  • Heather Avis, advocate and shouter of worth.

  • Heather shares how she learned worthiness from her children.

  • Understanding our own worthiness from parenting our kids.

  • How Heather’s children have opened her eyes  to the systemic issues around us that are oppressing others and taking away other’s worth.

  • Heather always knew she was destined to become a shouter of worth and she shares her touching story.

  • The work you're doing in your circle of your sphere of influence is sacred and powerful and important and no one needs to know about it for it to be important. It's important because it's the work that you're supposed to be doing.

  • The ladies discuss how Heather and her husband decided to adopt Macyn.

  • Every step you take builds more courage to do more.

  • In Her Voice Ep. 38: Wild and Holy with Megan Hale

  • Advocacy work is hard, Heather shares how she bumps into her struggle regularly, but continues to move forward.

  • Our greatest lessons learned are from our children.

  • Heather shares her daily practice and it is one we can all do.

  • Heather shares what her inner voice is telling her to do right now.

In Heather’s Voice:

“There's a make up about my personality and a god design with who I am that allows me to step into the role as advocate or shouter of worth in a way that is natural to who I am.”

“It is a bummer as a mom when you know that people don't see your children as worthy because they don't fit into that typical mold.”

“There was always this track in my life and in my heart towards an underdog even when I was little. I remember at school if I ever saw someone left out or hurting, I just couldn't even stand it. I couldn't stand the thought of somebody not being included and not being cared for.”

“It's just one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.”

“You just have to have a posture of humility when you're doing this work. I think the bravest thing is to humbly say something.”

Connect with Heather:


The Lucky Few Book




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The Power of Rest

In today's solo episode, I'm sharing my own story about how I had to learn the important lesson of the power of rest. It wasn't learned easily OR quickly, but it was finally learned deeply! I hope this resonates with you as you navigate your choices about what to say yes and no to.

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Dropping Into Our Feminine Power with Sonja Shradha Devi

Sonja Shradha Devi, Intimacy & Empowerment Guide, Facilitator and Healer, empowers women to show up in their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships in a powerful and feminine way and LIVE their sensual truth. Based in Bali, Shradha travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and empowerment sessions. Online she shares potent but practical tools and keys which open the door to a whole new world of sensual embodiment, empowered sexuality and conscious relationships.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Shradha shares how she found herself guiding women through this process of finding and owning their own sensuality.
  • Surrendering to the flow of your Inner Voice.
  • Until you become aware, you may not be know that you are shut down to parts of yourself.
  • Shradha shares how her understanding of her feminine power, and sacred power has evolved.
  • “When that connection is activated then we're like a living vessel for life to work through us.”
  • Shardha shares some of the blocks we may experience and how we can move past them.
  • Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself - by Kristin Neff
  • Self-love & Self-Care are all about practice.
  • Shradha shares her own self-practice.
  • “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb
  • Tools for creating the base of love connection.
  • Shradha shares what her inner voice is telling her.

In Shradha’s Voice:

“I became really devoted to exploring my body and exploring what it feels like to be guided from deep within rather than from my ideas and from my fears and my desire for validation, and ideas about what I should do.”

“I had to go through a process of seeing, uncovering the spaces that I was avoiding while not being fully present with myself. I actually had to grow through a process of seeing the ways that I'm experiencing the emotional content that I was avoiding, that was hidden and shut down.”

“What I've noticed is that as soon as their conditions are right, a woman will just start unfolding and blossoming, it just happens naturally”

“Tension in the body creates more tension, and then creates tension in the mind, and it creates more tension in the body.”

“When the energy is flowing then emotions start flowing more and you actually start to feel your emotions rather than having them trapped inside your body.”

“My inner voice is asking me to go even deeper into trust, and to allow spaciousness, and the kind of support that comes from out of nowhere, and it's trusting that, that's holding me the whole time.”

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What's Your Story

So often we experience life through the lens of the story we are telling ourselves about who we are or who we need to be. This can be debilitating and will steal our joy. Today I share why it is so valuable to be open to a different story - a story that will empower you and help you to own and love all of who you are.

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Reflecting the Real You with Jackie Terribile

Jackie Terribile is the founder of The Small Town Stylist, a fashion styling and wardrobe consulting business for both personal and commercial clients. The personal styling service combines your taste, budget, and lifestyle to make you feel your best every day. Jackie started her career in NYC working in marketing and then fashion. As the assistant to a cutting edge stylist, she collaborated on projects for clients such as Bacardi and Bloomingdales, and created costumes for the lead singer of the band Garbage for their US tour and appearances at the Grammy Awards and Saturday Night Live. After relocating to the Syracuse area and starting a family, she realized there were many women in CNY who were looking for wardrobe consulting services and so she started her business, The Small Town Stylist. In addition to her personal clients, she also works with commercial clients such as Metro Mattress. Jackie has been featured in Central New York Magazine and was the official fashion stylist of the Boeheim Ball in 2016 & 2017. She has appeared regularly on the local morning show, Bridge Street, since 2015.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Jackie and has Jackie explain what she does for a living.

  • Clothes often can represent who we are, we want what we feel on the inside to be reflected on the outside.

  • Jackie shares why what she does is so important for women.

  • Having a stylist like Jackie come in is about more than just having nice clothes, it’s about recognizing the positive things about each women.

  • Why it’s important to see ourselves through someone else’s perspective.

  • Jackie shares the 3 words that she uses to describe herself, and why.

  • How women can create a brand that really reflects who they are.

  • We oftentimes project out onto other people our best, and worst qualities.

  • Kelly’s Instagram

  • Finding clothes that you feel amazing and beautiful in should not be a chore.

  • Having a stylist come in and work with you is an investment of yourself, and is so worth it.

  • Jackie shares what her inner voice is saying.

In Jackie’s Voice:

“If you're not feeling good about yourself, we tend to put on things that are oversized, and cozy, and hide ourselves from the world, and not draw attention to ourselves. It’s a way of masking who we are on the inside.”

“We have guilt about spending money on ourselves, about taking time for ourselves. We don't want people to think that we try to look good, but we want to look good.”

“My clients can't believe that they could have happiness, or be happy with who they are. They need someone like myself to come in, and say, "Why not? Why can't you pull off that look? Why can't you do that? If you want to do it, why can't you?"

“The reflection that you see, is tainted by the story that's in your mind about whatever it is, your fears, or that you can't be heard, or that you're not good enough. You sometimes need somebody to reflect back a clearer message of who you are.”

“You don't want to create an image that's not really you, because it's so exhausting to have to be somebody else every single day,”

“I'm not saying you have to love to shop, or you have to love clothes, but you should not feel bad when you go into your closet, and get dressed”

Connect with Jackie:








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Here are the links I mentioned during this episode:

Natalie Matushenko on Living Your Passion

Natalie Matushenko is an internationally acclaimed leadership coach, writer, adventurer, and creator of the Passion & Purpose Life Course®, which helps soulful go-getters figure out what they were put on this Earth to do and turn their many ideas, talents and passions into successful purpose driven businesses and creative projects while creating lives they love. Natalie is living her dream life, splitting her time between South America and the US and spending a couple months a year traveling the world with her husband and three daughters.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Natalie shares how she went from Wharton School of Business to traveling the world, discovering what she was truly meant to do.

  • Taking Psychology classes led to Natalie’s eventual work as a coach.

  • Natalie and her family travel between South America and the US

  • Why it’s so hard to recognize why we limit ourselves.

  • If you could wave a magic wand and your life could be whatever you wanted it to be, what would you choose?

  • Our dreams and path can ebb and flow, but get clear on what you want.

  • Natalie is a firm believer in taking inspired action!

  • Ways that Natalie recommends building your faith.

  • Natalie shares some of her daily practices.

  • Parenting is one of the things that can teach us the most, but also one of the things that can take you away from your spiritual center.

  • “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” - Jack Kornfield

  • How Natalie helps her clients connect with what they were put on earth to do.

  • Natalie shares what her inner voice is asking her to do.

In Natalie’s Voice:

“Something in me wanted freedom, peace and adventure, that I felt on that year of backpacking and I was determined to figure out what my thing is and start doing it.”

“When we're little,  we think our parents are gods. You know and the adults around us and society around us is God, they're the all knowing and we take in all of what they present us with, the good and the not so helpful”

“If you could wave a magic wand and make your life as great as it could be, what would it be?”

“I'm a huge, huge believer in inspired action. Just start taking action. Start moving the energy and the way opens, you will start seeing what works, what doesn't work, the right person and opportunity and circumstances.”

“Over the years I came to realize that as I go within and really hear the voice of my intuition and honor it, it never leads me astray.”

“My process in working with people tends to start with getting clear on what you really want and taking inspired action, working the mindset, working the fears that come up, working all the obstacles that come up as clients continue to learn more about themselves and take more inspired action.”

Connect with Natalie:


Natalie’s Interview Series





Perfectionism Revisited

In today's solo episode I'll revisit how perfectionism can hold us back and where it flared up in my own life recently!!

If perfectionism is something you struggle with (can I get an AMEN??), be sure to check out my Overcoming Perfectionism course. It will be on sale for all recovering perfectionists for $29 through the end of January 2018!! 

Don't forget that January is my month of connection! Shoot me an email at and let me know if perfectionism is something that you deal with. You can also connect with me on Instagram (@kellyjcovert).

Carly Mentlik of The Inner Rainbow Project

Carly Mentlik has been teaching, counseling and creating curriculum and programs for children, tweens and teens for more than 15 years. Carly has a bachelor’s dual degree in special and elementary education and a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in girls' emotional and social development, both from New York University. Carly integrates Western psychology and education approaches with her trainings in Eastern mindfulness, yoga, chakras and creative expression modalities. She founded the Inner Rainbow Project and created the Chakra Girls, with the mission to empower young girls with the confidence-building tools needed along their path through adolescence.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Carly shares what the Inner Rainbow Project is, who it helps, and how she created the program.

  • How we can do the inner work, and help the young girls around us learn to never dim their light.

  • Both Carly and Kelly share some vulnerable stories from their childhood.

  • By learning to speak your truth, you can teach the young girls in your life, to do the same.

  • Overcoming feelings of conceit to truly embrace who you are.

  • Allow yourself to truly embrace something you’re passionate about.

  • Carly and Kelly share how resistance shows up for them.

  • Carly’s powerful 108 positive affirmations poster, and Kelly’s favorites from the bunch.

  • Carly shares what her inner voice is telling her to do right now!

In Carly's Voice:

“The Inner Rainbow Project is a movement and a celebration of that true self and a movement to help it stay alive. For no girl to ever have to dim themselves or their light in order to fit in, and be loved.”

“Raising confident and kind girls is a huge piece of what I do. Women themselves need to revisit those times where they dimmed their own light, and perform consistent work on their own self and their own confidence. They need to really believe in themselves, and to do that inner work, and that radiates out to their daughters.”

“It’s really about allowing myself to follow something that I'm truly passionate about.”

“I want girls to understand you don't have to hide different aspects of your emotions, that being sad, or angry, or having anxiety, or depression, or whatever it is is not something that's shameful.”

“I am allowed to feel proud of myself.”

Connect with Carly:


108 Positive Affirmations




Be Aligned

Do you ever just feel the rub of not being aligned with your soul's true self? In this solo episode I dig into why it matters, how to identify when you are out of alignment, and how to get back in!

I'd love to connect with you about a time (maybe even now) that you felt out of alignment. Shoot me an email or connect with me on Instagram (@kellyjcovert) and share with me how you know when you are out and what you can do about it! This is a great exercise to get that awareness and intention around your personal alignment flowing!!

Make the Unconscious Conscious with Riana Milne

Riana Milne is a Certified, Global Life, Dating and Relationship Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, a Life and Dating Coach for the new Docu-Series - Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40; Host of her former TV show: Lessons in Life and Love, an educational speaker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Trauma and Addictions Professional - for over 18 years in Delray Beach, Florida. She specializes in those who have had past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma; and offers 1-on- 1, VIP Coaching and Online Virtual Coaching Programs for both Singles and Couples.

Riana’s free App: My Relationship Coach offers many videos and articles and her 5 star-rated books, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve - and - LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success, addresses Life transitions, Personal Transformation, and Relationships with yourself and others.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Riana shares how she came to be who she is today

  • Adults often unconsciously bring childhood triggers into their adult love relationships.

  • Riana discusses the faulty coping mechanisms many adults use because of childhood traumas.

  • The love of a partner is very important, Riana tells us why.

  • In order to make the unconscious conscious you must know what the emotional triggers are, and how to deal with them.

  • Riana goes into great deal regarding the top 10 childhood traumas -- many of them aren’t as severe as you’d expect.

  • We make many of these traumas unconscious as we grow, as a survival technique.

  • You must become a successful single before trying to venture into a relationship.

  • Messages like “you’re stupid” or “you’re not good enough” can also come from coaches or teachers.

  • Riana shares how she balances out her heady research and her intuition.

  • Riana shares what her inner voice is asking her to do.

In Riana's Voice:

“Love is the first human primary need in Maslow's architect, hierarchy of needs, love and connection. So we all long for love.”

“The successful business woman often uses success in business to feed the ego that she did not get in accolades when she was growing up.”

“It takes a real education to make the unconscious conscious to know what the emotional triggers are, and how to deal with them to make them go away and stop the pattern forever.”

“It's really important that you become a successful single first before you start dating. You must get rid of any of the childhood patterns that you are bringing into the love relationships.”

“We have learned to control our work environment, very often women unconsciously control their partners. This is when they lose them or there's a lot of fights that happen. We had to learn to control our environment to have a successful life for ourselves and in my situation for our kids as well.”

“Trauma research has shown meditation to being extremely essential to rewiring the brain after trauma.”

Connect with Riana:


Life & Love Training Academy

LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve

LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success




Be Still

Don't move. Be still. 

We hear and say these words all the time, but do we practice them? Listen in for why we need a practice of stillness, what can get in the way and how to get your practice started today.

January is my month of connection! Please shoot me an email and let me know what you are up to and what you would love to hear more of on the podcast! My email is or message me over on Instagram (@kellyjcovert). I can't wait to connect with you!

Retrain Your Mind with Kara Loewentheil

Kara Loewentheil has a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard Law School and graduated both schools with honors. In her legal career she clerked for a federal appeals court judge, litigated in state and federal court, held several academic appointments, and ran a think tank. Today she is a Master Certified Coach who works with high-achieving feminist women who believe in empowerment, but don’t always feel empowered. Her cognitive-based tools and strategies help women learn how to literally rewire their brains to overcome social conditioning and insecurity. Or in other words, she teaches them how to unf*ck their brains so that they can create the confidence they need and the lives they want.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kara shares how she went from being a lawyer to a master certified coach.

  • High-achieving women are typically socialized to believe that what matters is what others think of us.

  • To create new habits and rewire our brain, we must learn to think differently.

  • You're a perfectionist if you want everything to be perfect and you think you would be happier if it were.

  • Kara shares some great ideas for reinforcing your new thoughts.

  • Even though Kara’s been doing this for years, she continues to practice and improve.

  • Your brain may think you’re going to die, but you will not.

  • Write down the new thoughts you want to practice on paper.

  • Separate yourself from your anxiety and you’ll find space to discover what you really want.

  • Switch every should in your life, to want and see what changes.

  • When you do something because you think somebody else wants you to, you are still just doing it because you want to have a thought or feeling about yourself.

  • We spend approximately 15% of our mental, emotional and physical energy feeling guilty and bad. If you clean that up and stop making it about you, you suddenly have energy and time to do something else for yourself or other people.

  • Kara shares what her inner voice is telling her to do.

In Kara's Voice:

“Women are socialized to think what matters about us is what everybody else thinks about us and we’re constantly sent these subtle social messages that women are inferior, that they are not good enough, that they get ahead because of their looks, that they’re more emotional, that they’re not as capable as men."

“If you want to rewire your brain, you have to learn to think differently.”

“Write down your thoughts. Write down the new thought you want to practice. Put it on paper.”

“Separating yourself from your anxiety gives you the space to discover what you really want.”

“Change all of your shoulds to wants and see what changes.”

“Be open to the idea that there could be a different way to think and feel and live and open to the idea that you would get your energy and time back.”

Connect with Kara:


UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast

The Imposter Syndrome Rx (free gift)




A Beginner's Mind

What is a beginner's mind and how can that change how you are showing up in any given situations? I was super inspired by an experience I had recently at a networking event to share this powerful tool with you!

Help me meet my goal to connect on a personal level with at least 5 listeners this month! Shoot me an email at or connect with me on Instagram (@kellyjcovert) and let me know your name and how you are showing up in your world right now!! I can't wait to connect with you!

The Power of Affirmations with Lee Ann Hopkins

Lee Ann Hopkins is the Host and Fellow Traveler on the Hooray Weekly podcast that "mines the sacred and every-day for Hooray!"  She is the author of You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations, and Hooray for You: 365 Get-Up-and-Go-Go Quotes for Your Year.  She recently started blogging on so you can follow her over there.  Lee Ann is the Founder of Hooray Living, a lively offering of fearless and fabulous living materials that include video, webinars, retreats and eBooks; and, lastly, she is the Head Hugger of the DC Hug Mob, a DC-area group that hugs in the public square, making the world a bit brighter one hug at a time.

She has spent her career in the helping professions as attorney, clergywoman, law professor, teacher, nonprofit executive director and counselor/coach. With this bundle of diverse and deep experience she helps individuals and communities connect with their own wisdom and gifts. She reminds us that our individual and collective purpose is to love and to teach love in all of our activities.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Lee Ann jumps right into how she was introduced to affirmations and how they’ve completely changed her life.

  • Are you familiar with the term negativity bias? Lee Ann explains what it is and how many of us have experienced it.

  • Coaxing a beautiful life out of ourselves, requires a lot of positive self-talk and cheerleading.

  • If you are feeling triggered by something someone says to you, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is this true?” before you allow yourself to react inwardly and outwardly.

  • Fear is a good thing, but sometimes it talks too much!

  • If you’re someone who struggles with affirmations because you feel that you’re lying to yourself, Lee Ann explains how you can overcome that.

  • Lee Ann describes the best way to write affirmations, to receive the desired effect.

  • Goals play a huge role in how Lee Ann creates her affirmations.

  • Lee Ann shares one of her current affirmations and why she’s chosen it. It’s a very moving part of the conversation.

  • Our brains do not like mental gymnastics, they want the clearest possible image we can provide. Write your affirmations accordingly.

  • Lee Ann helps us to understand how important it is to make sure our children focus on the positive, versus the negative, which they are most commonly drawn to.

  • If you begin feeling blah about your affirmations, Lee Ann provides a practice to bring back the excitement.

In Lee Ann's Voice:

“As I began daily doing my affirmations, I slowly, slowly, slowly noticed that life changed.”

“We have this negativity bias where we're scanning our minds and our worlds for all the things that can go wrong and it's really important to put something in that's positive.”

“I must say that much of the changes that I've experienced with my affirmations, is more of an internal change. That internal change is what is building a work of art for a life that is worth living.”

“I really do believe that much of my success in life has been because of this powerful positive practice that I do every single day.”

“I belong to myself, I am befriending myself. When I say "Hey, Lee Ann, I love you. I want to be your friend so that you can be a better friend, a better lover, a better partner, a better whatever to the world." I must belong to myself first.”

“Our brain is like Velcro for negative things. Which is why positive affirmations are so imperative.”

Connect with Lee Ann:


Hooray Living

Hooray Weekly Podcast



You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations

Hooray for You: 365 Get-Up-and-Go-Go Quotes for Your Year

My personal theme for the month is CONNECTION, and I want to connect with YOU! Please shoot me an email at or connect with me over on Instagram (@kellyjcovert) and let me know who you are and how you are showing up in the world this year!!

A Look Back at 2017

I thought I would put out one last episode this year, and I'm just getting it in under the wire on December 31!! I love to take time at the end of the year to reflect back on the lessons I've learned and to spend some time in deep gratitude for everything that has happened over the year.

I also am sharing some of my goals for the new year including getting to know you even better!! Please shoot me an email at or a message on Instagram (@kellyjcovert) and introduce yourself! Tell me who you are being and how you plan on showing up in the world this year! 

If you want to take it a step further, schedule a free discovery call and we can take 20 minutes and really get to know each other!

I'm also re-imagining what community looks and feels like this year. If you have ideas for how we can connect on a deeper level let me know! Right now we have The Worthy Collective, but let's go even deeper!!

Here's to all we learned in 2017 and to seeing our vision become reality in 2018!!

Kimberly Lovell on Money as Our Teacher

Kimberley Lovell is a Transformational Coach, Trainer & Holistic Business Mentor with a 30 year background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Healing, Coaching and Training.

An International Medium, Medical Intuitive Healer, Cert Science and Master Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor and Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator.  Kimberley is a highly gifted intuitive and rapid mindset coach.

The founder of The Wealthy Business Goddess Show™ and the Wealthy Business Goddess University.™ Kimberley's mission is to transform world consciousness, heal the unconscious split between money and spirituality by inspiring, and empowering others to live a life of purpose, passion and prosperity, thereby creating a heaven on earth for all. Kimberley works with purpose driven entrepreneurs; Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, worldwide to help them step more purposefully into their leadership and spiritual mission to manifest the life and business of their dreams while transforming the world and making fabulous money.  

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kimberly explains what she means when she says that money is our greatest teacher

  • Our beliefs in money and the huge role they play in our lives

  • Our negative money beliefs tend to crop up when our income goes up or down from where we are comfortable.

  • Kimberly shares how we can begin changing our money beliefs.

  • The Sacred Money Archetypes and how they were created.

  • The Connector Archetype

  • Kimberly shares some of her archetypes and how she has overcome them, and used them to her advantage.

  • You must follow your inner voice, but you must also do the work.

  • Being an energetic match with the vibration for whatever it is you desire.

  • Realist and Idealist

  • Kimberly discusses some of Kelly’s archetypes

  • Coaches and entrepreneurs we need to hold our clients as powerful and not buying into their stories.

  • Energy Healing Downloads

  • Kimberly shares what her inner voice is telling her.

In Kimberly's Voice:

“It's like we're movie writers. The movie of our life is the current story that's playing out.”

“There's this vision of what we would like to create and manifest in the world, and then there’s what's actually showing up.”

“How we do money is how we do everything.”

“We're more than our stories, and more than our beliefs, more than our feelings.”

“Lots of times we have oaths, and vows, and contracts around money. You may have taken a vow of poverty. The work that I do is about actually clearing the energy and clearing the belief.”

“It's safe for you to have abundance, to receive money, and to receive money for doing what you love to do. You don't have to work hard, you don't have to prove your worth.”

Connect with Kimberley:


Wealthy Business Goddess Podcast

Free Sacred Money Archetypes quiz




How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*T with Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life.

She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). Her second book: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is due out January 2, 2018 (Seal Press/Hachette Books).

When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Andrea and some of the amazing things she’s accomplished.

  • Andrea was involved in Roller Derby and shares what caused her to retire.

  • You have to allow yourself to feel the feelings.

  • Remove the mechanism you’re using to numb out your feelings.

  • There is always something to be grateful for, and having a gratitude practice is what helped bring Andrea back to life.

  • We get so caught up in learning what our purpose is, instead of just valuing the amazing life and path we have.

  • None of us have it all together.

  • High achievers value themselves the most for their achievements. We discuss how we can learn where this comes from and move past it.

  • My Solo Episode: Protect Your Energy

  • It’s time to embrace failure.

  • You are worthy no matter what.

  • Listening and trusting your gut instincts and reactions to things.

  • Meditating and how it can do you good.

  • Andrea shares what her inner voice is asking of her.

In Andrea's Voice:

“You're allowed to fall, you're allowed to totally eat shit, but there comes a time where you feel what you feel and then it’s time to get back up and do it.”

“I didn't have time for feelings. They were a distraction, they were too painful, they were too overwhelming.”

“We don't die from feeling our feelings, and they don't go away if we numb them out.”

“Emotions are our bodies way of expelling and processing what needs to happen.”

“None of us have it completely figured out. If someone's trying to sell you that I think it's snake oil. I'm a big fan of knowing that my purpose is my path, and I think that everyone's purpose is their path.”

“One of the most courageous things we can do is embrace failure.”

Connect with Andrea:

Permission to Give 100%

I'm getting real and raw with you guys today. I'm totally coming out of a funk that had me down and out and not fit for public consumption. Seriously. And one of the big questions that came up for me was, "Why does it feel like I can be EITHER a good mom OR a good entrepreneur but not both?" 

This is what I'm digging into today. Come ready to be surprised by my conclusions.

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