You won't believe what I learned at the dentist...

I had to go to the dentist last week and I was NOT looking forward to it. I really, really don't like going to the dentist...

Usually when I go to the dentist I do small talk and nod my head yes that I am okay and essentially show up as the "good girl," the perfect patient, trying so hard to earn my gold star by the end of the appointment. This time I gave myself permission to be okay with what I was feeling. I told myself I didn't have to fake it. 

So I went, plugged my headphones in, and just let the dentist do her thing. And you know what?

I realized the reason I hated it so much wasn't because of the was because I wasn't being me. I was telling myself that what I was feeling wasn't okay, that it wasn't allowed.

How often do we do this in our lives? How often to we judge ourselves for how we are feeling instead of just allowing ourselves to feel it?

By the end of the appointment I was back to my normal, joyful self, able to participate fully in the small talk and it was such a relief!

All I ever have to do is just be me!

So here's my question...what does "being you" look like? Where in your life are you not allowing yourself to show up as you?

You are always welcome to show up in The Worthy Collective just as you are! Come on over and join us in celebrating our true worthiness each and every day!

One Foot Out: Little Things Make Big Differences

Ever wonder why sticking one foot out of the covers is all you need if you are a little too hot? Why is it that doing something so small can make such a big difference? 

When I started creating a dedicated daily practice of journaling, it was the one small thing I needed to go from hot-mess-in-the-head (you know what I’m talking about) to calm AND productive. The huge bonus has been how much it’s helped me to connect with my inner voice. 

All of that in 5-10 minutes a day! (Although, now I often luxuriate in 30 or 45 minutes of journaling if I can!) 

What’s the one small thing you need in your life right now that will make a big difference?

If you want to give journaling a try, sign up for my free 5-Day Journaling Challenge. It helps you get started on your own journaling practice with ideas and prompts delivered straight to your inbox for 5 days in a row!

Listen Deeper

Last night my husband jolted me out of sleep and said, “What’s that noise?” Of course, I was instantly on high alert, wondering what he could possibly have heard.

After I got over only being able to hear my heart pound with adrenaline in my head, I started to try to hear what he was hearing.

I could hear the rustle of the, that’s not it, listen deeper.
I could hear the creak of our wooden, listen deeper.
Our windows were open so I could hear the fountain in our backyard frog pond...nope, that can't be it, listen deeper.
I could hear the breeze through the, surely it isn't that, listen deeper.

He finally said…”Oh, it’s just the pond,” rolled over and was instantly back asleep, leaving me wide awake to contemplate what it means to listen deeper.

There are so many voices inside of our heads, and if we really want to connect with the deep inner wisdom, we have to listen deeper. We have to sift through the layers...listen again...listen deeper...and finally we will hear the sound we have been seeking…

the sound of our own true voice.

What can you do right now to listen deeper? Maybe it's to start a daily practice of stillness or meditation. Maybe it's taking your earbuds out the next time you are on a walk. Maybe it's sitting down with pen and paper and writing what is on your heart.

If you are ready to listen deeper, but aren't sure how to start, sign up for a free discovery call with me. We will connect about what would work for you...maybe it's coaching with me, maybe it's something else. Either way you will have a start on listening and listening again and listening deeper.

The Art of Allowing

You want to know what I did today?

I took a the middle of the day...with a cup of coffee and a book.


A few years ago I would have NEVER done that. I would have said to myself, "You SHOULD BE working. You NEED TO get these things done. You CAN'T do something so luxurious in the middle of the day while your kids are at school. You are being so LAZY."

(My inner mean girl can really get riled up when I start breaking the rules.)

Now, I have become a student of the art of allowing...allowing myself to listen to what my body needs, allowing myself to put self-care as a priority, allowing myself to set aside the should-bes and need-tos and let self-care be a necessity instead of a luxury.

And let me tell you something - it feels freaking awesome. It feels free, and it creates so much more space in my life to have the energy to create and be joyful and be loving and serve others. Taking care of me allows me to take more and better care of others. 

This wasn't an overnight thing and is still something I am working on. I'm intentional about it. I am mindful about connecting inward on a daily basis to see what my soul is asking for and what my body needs on any given day.

And, gradually, my inner mean girl is learning that when I take the time to take care of myself, I feel better...about everything. My inner voice is becoming louder than her rants about how lazy I fact, sometimes she is completely quiet. I bet she's totally blissed out by how good she feels when she takes a break!

So my question to you is what do you need to allow more of in your life? What do you need to give yourself permission for?

If you aren't sure of how to even begin, sign up for a free discovery call today and we can figure out where is the best place for you to start!