The Art of Allowing

You want to know what I did today?

I took a the middle of the day...with a cup of coffee and a book.


A few years ago I would have NEVER done that. I would have said to myself, "You SHOULD BE working. You NEED TO get these things done. You CAN'T do something so luxurious in the middle of the day while your kids are at school. You are being so LAZY."

(My inner mean girl can really get riled up when I start breaking the rules.)

Now, I have become a student of the art of allowing...allowing myself to listen to what my body needs, allowing myself to put self-care as a priority, allowing myself to set aside the should-bes and need-tos and let self-care be a necessity instead of a luxury.

And let me tell you something - it feels freaking awesome. It feels free, and it creates so much more space in my life to have the energy to create and be joyful and be loving and serve others. Taking care of me allows me to take more and better care of others. 

This wasn't an overnight thing and is still something I am working on. I'm intentional about it. I am mindful about connecting inward on a daily basis to see what my soul is asking for and what my body needs on any given day.

And, gradually, my inner mean girl is learning that when I take the time to take care of myself, I feel better...about everything. My inner voice is becoming louder than her rants about how lazy I fact, sometimes she is completely quiet. I bet she's totally blissed out by how good she feels when she takes a break!

So my question to you is what do you need to allow more of in your life? What do you need to give yourself permission for?

If you aren't sure of how to even begin, sign up for a free discovery call today and we can figure out where is the best place for you to start!