Listen Deeper

Last night my husband jolted me out of sleep and said, “What’s that noise?” Of course, I was instantly on high alert, wondering what he could possibly have heard.

After I got over only being able to hear my heart pound with adrenaline in my head, I started to try to hear what he was hearing.

I could hear the rustle of the, that’s not it, listen deeper.
I could hear the creak of our wooden, listen deeper.
Our windows were open so I could hear the fountain in our backyard frog pond...nope, that can't be it, listen deeper.
I could hear the breeze through the, surely it isn't that, listen deeper.

He finally said…”Oh, it’s just the pond,” rolled over and was instantly back asleep, leaving me wide awake to contemplate what it means to listen deeper.

There are so many voices inside of our heads, and if we really want to connect with the deep inner wisdom, we have to listen deeper. We have to sift through the layers...listen again...listen deeper...and finally we will hear the sound we have been seeking…

the sound of our own true voice.

What can you do right now to listen deeper? Maybe it's to start a daily practice of stillness or meditation. Maybe it's taking your earbuds out the next time you are on a walk. Maybe it's sitting down with pen and paper and writing what is on your heart.

If you are ready to listen deeper, but aren't sure how to start, sign up for a free discovery call with me. We will connect about what would work for you...maybe it's coaching with me, maybe it's something else. Either way you will have a start on listening and listening again and listening deeper.