You won't believe what I learned at the dentist...

I had to go to the dentist last week and I was NOT looking forward to it. I really, really don't like going to the dentist...

Usually when I go to the dentist I do small talk and nod my head yes that I am okay and essentially show up as the "good girl," the perfect patient, trying so hard to earn my gold star by the end of the appointment. This time I gave myself permission to be okay with what I was feeling. I told myself I didn't have to fake it. 

So I went, plugged my headphones in, and just let the dentist do her thing. And you know what?

I realized the reason I hated it so much wasn't because of the was because I wasn't being me. I was telling myself that what I was feeling wasn't okay, that it wasn't allowed.

How often do we do this in our lives? How often to we judge ourselves for how we are feeling instead of just allowing ourselves to feel it?

By the end of the appointment I was back to my normal, joyful self, able to participate fully in the small talk and it was such a relief!

All I ever have to do is just be me!

So here's my question...what does "being you" look like? Where in your life are you not allowing yourself to show up as you?

You are always welcome to show up in The Worthy Collective just as you are! Come on over and join us in celebrating our true worthiness each and every day!