The Art of Surrender with Miranda Sophia

Teacher, facilitator, writer, mentor and change agent, Miranda Sophia is passionate about marrying science and spirituality together. She has a love affair with the wisdom and language of the body and its ability to heal past wounds and reprogram limiting belief systems, as she journeys through her own healing. She believes deeply in the power of women coming together, creating meaningful relationships, weaving a support net of sisterhood, and lifting one another to their highest potentials. Perhaps more importantly, she feels that the magic and power is really found in each individual woman learning how to be sovereign and autonomous, how to be with herself fully, how to have her own back and to know the necessity of her voice in this world.

Miranda Sophia currently facilitates women’s healing & empowerment retreats, bi-monthly women’s circles, offers one-on-one Divine Human Embodiment Mentorship, online group education and exploration, and teaches Chakra Balancing yoga, yoga nidra & meditation classes. Her first book, Her Art of Surrender, which is co-authored with 19 other women from around the world, will be published in fall 2018. Miranda channels her creative flow through writing and handcrafting vibrationally attuned + intention infused malas. She also is passionate about Young Living Essential Oils, their healing power on the mind, body and spirit, and growing her YL team towards financial abundance and freedom.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Miranda Sophia.

  • Miranda’s truest form of surrender came in the form of a meltdown at a chakra therapy training.

  • Miranda’s meltdown.

  • The ladies discuss why many of us resist moving through our emotions.

  • The regulation cycle and how it affects our emotions.

  • Instead of being full with our self, we look to outside things to fill us up.

  • The word crazy, and how we’re all a little nuts.

  • When you step into your craziness, it can be one of the most liberating moments.

  • Shame and feeling like we’re inately bad.

  • We must stop spiritually bypassing ourselves, and actually work through the things affecting us.

  • Our nervous system can act like a wire that is frayed, and our a-ha moments become the bridge to reconnect things.

  • All of our stories have 3 Acts.

  • Your Inner Voice doesn’t have to be mean, there is a kind Inner Voice inside of you.

  • Having a daily practice can help you feel more connected when you wake up feeling off.

  • Morning pages and journaling and how these can be effective ways to move clear out your head when it is feeling cluttered.

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Kelly gets raw and honest and shares her fear around being considered lazy.

  • Our Inner Voice can be mean, but it exists to protect us - we must find a way to build an intimate relationship with it.

  • Miranda shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Miranda’s Voice:

“Our body, it's a wave. It's a wave that rises up and then it discharges and then it comes back down. That's the natural cycle of our nervous system. That's called regulation in the somatic world.”

“We go outside of ourselves to hold on to things, people. We reach outside to fill ourselves with the foods, or the drugs, or the social media, or the whatever that hit is to temporarily numb that sensation.”

“When we have a dysregulated nervous system or when we have this abundance of charge or we have this lack of boundary and sense of where we begin, where we end, that is what creates a sensitive person and an empath.”

"Holy, fuck. We are all crazy. We are all batshit nuts, and we are all literally just dying our way through life, suffering our way through life trying to prove to somebody, to ourselves that's not true."

“Shame has the underlying story that there's something wrong with me. If we feel like there's something wrong with me or that I'm innately bad.”

“We say that babies are born pure, but we're born into a specific story already, that may not show right when we are born, but it will unfold.”

“Getting movement and fluidity and softness back into my body, because for me, when I'm in that rigid state, I'm in that, "Don't see me state."”

“Learning to have this really intimate relationship with our thoughts, with our sensations, with our feelings, and letting them guide us to where it is that we are needing to go, where we're meant to go, where we are being called to go.”

“We are so in our infancy of understanding how to be human, how this world works, how to interact with ourselves and others and have mastery over ourselves. We have this source that is infused in all of us that is just so unconditionally in awe of us.”

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Miranda’s Website

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