Defining Beauty and Confidence on Your Terms with Mary Hyatt

Mary Hyatt is on a quest to feel alive and to live a life full of gratitude, joy, authenticity, and abundance in body, mind and soul. Mary believes that every person has the ability to embrace a life and body they love. Mary is the creator of Babe, Redefined a 6 week online course to help women make peace with the mirror, quiet their inner bully and love their body.

Mary lives in the heart of Nashville and her days are spent juggling the rolls of holistic lifestyle advocate as a Presidential Diamond wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils, and personal life and business coach. She helps her clients wake up, find their voice and become fully alive.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Mary and asks her to describe how she came to know she was worthy, as she is right now.

  • Mary shares the story of where she was 6 or 7 years ago, and how she got to where she is now.

  • Mary helps women find the 2.0 version of themselves.

  • Many of us shut our emotions off when we don’t like ourselves, Mary shares how she began to feel again.

  • Tara Brach

  • One of the reasons we avoid our feelings so much is because we believe they are going to overtake us.

  • Book: Intuitive Eating - And, how it changed how Mary fed her body.

  • Getting curious about her feelings, is how Mary began to change her mind and body.

  • Acknowledge how you feel and then use it as data.

  • Feelings as vibrations of the body, they’re not who you are.

  • Dave Asprey and Peter Sage

  • Mary hated her body so much that in order to start loving herself, she had to show gratitude for her body. This all started in a yoga class, Mary shares the full story in this episode!

  • Babe, Redefined is the name of Mary’s course - she shares why she chose the word “babe” which can be a triggering word.

  • The state of freedom women experience when they release the fear they’ve been living with.

  • What “babe” means to Mary.

  • Mary shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Mary’s Voice:

“I think most women start playing this role that we have been handed by society, our family, our spouses, our friends. And it’s this role of playing the good girl where we are quiet, respectful. We believe we need to be small, be little because we don’t have the sense of self-worth.”

“I gave myself permission to feel my emotions - it felt very risky. It felt like this may turn out to where I can’t bring myself to go back. And what I needed to do is little by little give myself permission to identify those feelings.”

“I think sometimes we are afraid to feel our emotions because we believe that if we feel certain emotions, that becomes who we are.”

“When you touch the parts of your body that you’ve totally abused and berated and you ask for forgiveness, all of a sudden you can come to peace with something that you thought was your enemy and enter into a state of acceptance and love.”

“You will have a smile on your face. You will feel like you are glowing. And you will feel a sense of confidence, bravery, courage, resiliency, and just that true, fierce femininity, when you begin feeling your emotions.”

Connect with Mary:

Mary’s Website

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