Self-Healing Through Deep Listening with Lane Kennedy

With more than 20 years experience in biohacking for health, while living in long-term recovery from alcoholism, Lane Kennedy brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others find bio-individualized wellness. Since conquering her own health problems (an immunity syndrome) and chronic pain (with the help of cannabidiol), she’s become a tireless advocate for anyone struggling or stressed and looking for revolutionary solutions. Lane is a graduate of Dave Asprey’s certification program that helps you learn how to teach others to optimize their own biology for their best possible health. She works with clients on real alternatives to conventional medicine including deep mindfulness/meditation practice. As a businesswoman, Lane considers herself a serial entrepreneur and enjoys coaching entrepreneurs with her thorough understanding of stress and building businesses.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Lane Kennedy.

  • Lane shares her backstory on how she’s gotten to a place of deep listening and healing.

  • What happened when Lane’s body began to break down after quitting drinking.

  • The difference between data and intuition and how it affect Lane’s life.

  • How Lane came to her journey of deep listening.

  • Using meditation in a different way by using the breath and going deeper.

  • Lane shares how the meditation practice allowed her body to speak to her.

  • Hemp oil and how it changed Lane’s life, by alleviating pain from her “dental chair accident.”

  • Listening to her Inner Voice tell her it was okay to try this hemp oil helped change everything.

  • Writing and a strong circle of women is how Lane is always questioning her stories, versus succumbing to them.

  • Lane questioned her Inner Voice when she was involved in a startup because a great deal of money was involved.

  • The ladies discuss Dave Asprey, biohacking and bulletproof coffee and how listening to what your body says is more important than what an influencer may say.

  • Your body will tell you what it wants you to give it and what it needs to nourish.

  • Kelly discusses her sensitivity to gluten.

  • How Lane balances loving herself right now where she is, understanding her worthiness versus always wanting to be better.

  • It’s hard, but you must know what YOU need in order to feel whole and happy.

  • Lane shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Lane’s Voice:

“I feel like my intuition is super strong. I’ve tapped into that. It’s always been there. I either ignore it or I don’t. And what the data does - it’s a tool. It’s simply a tool that I use to reflect on.”

“I learned how to meditate in a different way by using my breath and by going deeper within. It shifted my perspective on how I saw the world and how I saw the data and how I had conversations with doctors and people in my life.”

“When I was on the [meditation] pillow or sitting, my body was calm and quiet. And my symptoms were calm and quiet.”

“With chronic pain, there’s a depression that comes. You’re sleep-deprived. And there’s a disconnection that happens between me and my inner voice because I just wasn’t present."

“There’s a difference between that voice saying it’s time to leave and the voice that said you’ve got this, you’re the boss! But I wanted to believe that the “you’ve got this, you’re the boss” voice because I was getting paid. I was getting the accolades. It looked good. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to the voice when it’s not gonna look the way you want it to in the moment.”

“Listening to that inner voice of you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. It’s been a huge change for me.”

“It’s a priority to put my self-care and that self heart and love into me so that I can give back and be present and helpful and be of service to others.”

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