How to Be Radiant with Emily Pereira

Emily Pereira is an international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, and life coach specializing in helping women attract soul affirming love into their lives. She lives in Costa Rica where she is building the Spirit Nature Retreat and Wellness Center. She's also the author of the forthcoming book, The Quest.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about:

  • A radiant woman has an energy that shines from her soul that magnetizes every person, experience and opportunity that steps into her life

  • Emily notes that a woman on the cover of a magazine but with a dullness to her is a strong contrast to a woman who’s not traditionally beautiful but glowing with radiance

  • If you see radiance in someone else it’s in you

  • Notice if you’ve agreed to information or thoughts that cover over your radiance

  • Adopt a supportive belief system that allows you to nurture our radiance

  • Lives that don’t feel as good as they look may have creativity blocked from flowing

  • Creativity is an energy part of being human; nothing in the natural world is perfect and you don’t have to be perfect either

  • Perfection programming - “slay it or don’t do it at all” - totally depletes radiance

  • When one finds her way out of this maze, it becomes her dharma to help others out

  • Take radical personal responsibility for your every single moment of your life

  • Find the gift, vibrate in gratitude, neutralize the situation, move on!

  • Creativity and inspiration are a gateway to the present moment

  • When you’re in gratitude for your life, you trust that things are working out

  • Emily notes a difference between qualities:

    • Let go of efforting, being serious, having a “problem mentality,” exhausting yourself, feeling like you punish yourself, living in competition - masculine qualities that harden us as women

    • Intend to have more softening feminine energies: amusement, ease, collaboration, permission, rejuvenation, light-heartedness, playfulness

  • Being vulnerable about the journey despite being in front of such a large audience is how Emily is staying on a path of growth

  • She loves the community of sisterhood, women by her side that are real - they share ups and downs of life together

In Emily’s Voice:

“Gifts are usually a shift in perspective, a recognition, a moment of clarity that leads to greater compassion for yourself, then that translates to greater compassion for others”

“It will never be enough until we feel like we’re enough.”

“Saving yourself is far sweeter than anybody else - being sovereign is a feeling like no other.”

“In moments of inspiration, we feel connected to who we are, why we’re here. Turn regrets of the past into gratitude - they were steps in getting you where you are now. They prevent future tripping because you’re connected to the present moment, which creates future.”

“You know you’re radiant when love is pouring out of you, you just want to be super friendly, compelled to compliment, flirt for no reason.”

“We should be vibrating 5x higher than men, we drop our vibration in order to get that approval from the people in charge.”

Connect with Emily:

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The Science of Personal Development with Mary Shores

Mary Shore’s roller coaster life began with being abandoned at a young age and tragically losing her first child. But Mary was able to overcome life’s hurdles and turn tragedy to triumph by building an 8 figure business empire at age 24.

Mary is an expert in personal development but is not a life coach; she’s a businesswoman who discovered a road map of how to get in control of your life. She truly walks her talk by generating pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out. Mary blends personal experience with her extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior to guide businesses and individuals to defeat the freak-out and create their ideal life.

She’s a Shark Tank style CEO who cuts through the chaos so you can change your mind, your choices, and your life.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Mary Shores.

  • Mary shares where her connection with personal development began.

  • How our we can self-sabotage ourselves.

  • Infinite Possibilities

  • How to connect our subconscious with the desirable outcome.

  • Positive thoughts plant positive seeds, and negative thoughts plant the negative seeds.

  • Unraveling your entire life is unnecessary in order to move forward.

  • Kelly and Mary discuss how having son’s on the spectrum have taught them so much as women and moms.

  • Belief systems and how you can overcome them.

  • Mary reads an excerpt from her book, Conscious Communications.

  • How to uncover your path of purpose.

  • Cleanse or Clogs

  • Mary does not believe in perfectionism, she believes in an 80/20 life.

  • Mary is an extremely powerful manifester.

  • Kelly and Mary discuss how the science part comes into personal development and manifesting.

  • Mary shares how she was able to overcome all of the trauma in her life.

  • If you choose a different “door” your life can head in a million different directions.

  • Mary shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Mary’s Voice:

“Science and spirituality are really one and the same but they are using two different languages to explain the happenings.”

“I always say that if you take a step to a new direction, then the universe, God, or whatever you believe will come in and meet you halfway.”

“You don’t have to unravel every moment of your life in order to move forward. But what you can do as the workaround, is to start the new neural pathway.”

“What I’ve discovered is that your purpose is whatever your natural skills and gifts, talents and abilities are. It’s really the rest of the world that’s tried to convince you they’re something different.”

“Everything you say, every thing you do, every word that comes out of your mouth, every choice you make, every action you take; in the thinnest sliced moment of life is either creating that deeper connection to what you want or it’s driving a disconnection.”

“True transformation happens in small pivots over time.”

“Every time that we make that choice that takes us closer to where we want to be, that’s reinforcing that neural pathway.”

Connect with Mary:

Mary’s Website

Mary’s Book




Visionary Spotlight: Heather Thorkelson

Heather Thorkelson is a coach who works with entrepreneurs to grow their impact and visibility while growing their bottom line. She has been location independent for 7 years and runs her businesses from all over the world, including, on occasion, Antarctica. Heather is the founder of the Republic of Freedom, a digital collective aimed at helping people live better outside the Matrix, and the owner of Twin Tracks Expeditions, a polar expedition company.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Heather and asks her to share what visionary means to her.

  • Heather shares what her favorite part of herself is.

  • The ladies discuss how Heather has connected with her instincts, which was significantly impacted by Heather’s upbringing.

  • At the age of 17, Heather had experienced what some people at that age cannot even fathom.

  • The psychological requirements that put you in a good headspace.

  • Heather shares her non-negotiable forms of self-care are.

  • Asking for help is difficult for a lot of women, but especially so for Heather. Heather shares why.

  • Heather’s first step in asking for help, began when she stopped being so dismissive of her husband trying to help her.

  • Essentialism by Greg McCallen

  • The busy work that is outside your zone of genius as an entrepreneur is an excellent form of procrastination.

  • Freedom and its importance in Heather’s life.

  • Heather shares how she keeps herself from falling prey to societal standards.

  • How to start breaking free of the matrix, as Heather likes to call it.

  • Heather shares what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Heather’s Voice:

“I think a visionary is someone who both leads by example and also someone who is willing to look for the possibility in everything rather than just staying within the box, or as I like to call it “stay within the matrix.”


“I do things that people tell me can’t be done, and I don’t care. I trust my instincts. They haven’t led me astray yet, not wildly anyways.”

“What are the basic psychological requirements that put you in a good head space so that you can serve others from there.”

“My whole 30s have been an unfolding and learning how to listen to myself.”

“I had dumbed down so many of my senses that I realized when I started to relax on myself that colors started to seem more vibrant and what not.”

“Freedom to me, in the context of who I am in the society that I live in, is the ability to make choices I need to make in order to thrive in this life.”

“Anybody can do something extraordinary. It just takes seeing that possibility.”

Connect with Heather:

Heather’s Website

Republic of Freedom



Twin Tracks Expeditions