In Her Voice Ep. 38: Wild and Holy with Megan Hale

Megan Hale is a former psychotherapist and spiritual relationship coach who works with women and couples to deepen their connection with their truth (and each other) to create lives and relationships that honor their soul.  She’s the podcast host of The Enoughness Revolution, a conversation on cultivating worthiness, and Wild & Holy Radio, a spiritual conversation on being your fullest expression and doing your Holy work in the world.  

She’s the founder of Wild & Holy Weekend, a spiritual retreat for women who are ready to come home to their truth and trust it so they express themselves fully and freely in life, work, and love.  Her next retreat is in Austin, TX September 22nd -24th and more information can be found at

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • What it means to be “wild and holy” as women.

  • Megan's story of her rebel spirit and how she began to understand and heal herself.

  • How we begin to integrate all the parts of who we are, including our inner rebel.

  • Practices we can use to build trust in our rebel self.

  • The practice of non-dominant hand journaling

  • The important process of discerning the difference between intuition and fear.

  • Rewriting our own rules about what enough means

  • Why we still need encouragement and validation from other people.

  • Giving ourselves the space before we start to seek external validation

  • Discovering what HOLY means to each of us

In Megan's Voice:

Enoughness doesn't exist in any boxes. Enoughness exists when we let the boxes go.”

You have this wise soul within you, and she knows a lot about what you need to do to be in alignment.”

Every single step you take matters.”

Give your inner voice the credit it deserves.”

Connect with Megan:

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