In Her Voice Ep. 22: Casey O'Roarty on Surrender

Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed., is a facilitator of personal growth and development.  Her work encourages parents to discover the purpose of their journey, while also providing them with tools and a shift of mindset that allows them to deepen their relationships with themselves and their families. As a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer since 2007, Casey has led countless groups through workshops and classes that have left them feeling empowered and excited about parenting. She also offers online classes and individual coaching at  

Casey lives in the PacificNorthwest with her greatest teachers – her husband and adolescent kids.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • The importance of surrendering to the outcome of any given situation. Letting go of our control and just being present to what is.

  • What would it look like to give people space to be who they are instead of trying to make them who we want them to be.

  • Tapping into intention and applying it to our way of being.

  • The practice of surrendering over and over again.

  • Learning how to process our own emotions is a life skill we need to develop.

  • The danger of using relationships to seek validation in our own lives.

  • Surrendering to our own imperfection.

  • What it feels like to be honest with yourself about who you are.

  • How to begin to understand our generational stories we carry with us, and how to surrender in our complex relationships with our mothers.

In Casey's Voice:

“I'm going to surrender to whatever shows up.”

“We are all in the creation of the experiences we are having.”

“What real self-esteem is is a learning and appreciation of who you are through your experience.”

“It's an emotional experience to be in relationship.”

Connect with Casey:


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