Visionary Spotlight: Heather Avis - Shouter of Worth

Heather Avis is wife to her handsome and hardworking man Josh, and mother to the adorable Macyn, Truly and August and Author of "The Lucky Few" (available everywhere books are sold). After working as an Education Specialist she found herself as a full-time stay at home mom when she and her husband adopted their first daughter, Macyn, in 2008. Shortly thereafter, in 2011, they adopted their second daughter, Truly. And in 2013, their son August was born and came home to be theirs. Heather currently resides in Southern California where between oatmeal making, diaper changing and dance parties she shares her heart by putting words on paper and using her hit Instagram account @macymakesmyday, to share the awesomeness of all things Down syndrome and adoption. She cares fiercely for the underdog and believes God's goodness and beauty are found in the most seemingly uncomfortable places."

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Heather and invites her to deeply share her story.

  • Heather Avis, advocate and shouter of worth.

  • Heather shares how she learned worthiness from her children.

  • Understanding our own worthiness from parenting our kids.

  • How Heather’s children have opened her eyes  to the systemic issues around us that are oppressing others and taking away other’s worth.

  • Heather always knew she was destined to become a shouter of worth and she shares her touching story.

  • The work you're doing in your circle of your sphere of influence is sacred and powerful and important and no one needs to know about it for it to be important. It's important because it's the work that you're supposed to be doing.

  • The ladies discuss how Heather and her husband decided to adopt Macyn.

  • Every step you take builds more courage to do more.

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  • Advocacy work is hard, Heather shares how she bumps into her struggle regularly, but continues to move forward.

  • Our greatest lessons learned are from our children.

  • Heather shares her daily practice and it is one we can all do.

  • Heather shares what her inner voice is telling her to do right now.

In Heather’s Voice:

“There's a make up about my personality and a god design with who I am that allows me to step into the role as advocate or shouter of worth in a way that is natural to who I am.”

“It is a bummer as a mom when you know that people don't see your children as worthy because they don't fit into that typical mold.”

“There was always this track in my life and in my heart towards an underdog even when I was little. I remember at school if I ever saw someone left out or hurting, I just couldn't even stand it. I couldn't stand the thought of somebody not being included and not being cared for.”

“It's just one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.”

“You just have to have a posture of humility when you're doing this work. I think the bravest thing is to humbly say something.”

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