Monique Lang on Connecting with Your Core Self

Monique Lang, LCSW, has trained extensively in many models of psychotherapy and mindfulness, providing her with a wealth of experience to help heal the whole person—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She has expertise in trauma treatment and teaches at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Monique is coauthor of Journey to Wholeness, and author of Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress, Meditations for Healing, and Ceremonies for Healing.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about

  • Learning to connect with your core self and inner knowing

  • Traumatic events happen to all of us

  • As a therapist she helps release the burdens, both physiological and psychological

  • Monique emphasizes that there are many paths to healing

  • Paying attention psychologically, asking questions, listening to when you learned

  • Being present with what is, with gentleness and lovingness

  • Reiki as asking to allow the energy to come through

  • Humor and compassion for self for not meditating perfectly!

In Monique’s Voice

“If you are in freeze and there is no way to release the physiological as well as the narrative of what happened, it gets stuck in the body.”

“I think it helps to have someone mirror, reflect, and ask the questions you wouldn’t ask yourself.”

“The core Self is the essence of who we are, that which connects us to spirit and energy. In meditation when you’re fully yourself and fully not yourself is Self. You’re just there in that liminal space. It is beautiful but not overly helpful in managing your life. Thus ‘parts’ [of Self] develop to help us live our life.”

“When you bring understanding and compassion to whatever is coming, you’re present. And when you’re present, you’re in self.”

“Where and how did I learn to not pay attention? Where and how did I learn to drive myself to exhaustion? No Blame. Curiosity.”

“Try stopping for three minutes. There are a zillion ways to meditate. It’s finding those ways inside yourself. There is no one way.”
“You don’t have to do it right and you can’t do it wrong.”

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