A New Model for Love with Isabell Springer

Dr. Isabell Springer is a marriage and relationship therapist and a lifelong rule-breaker. Her divorce set her on a path to revolutionize the field of self-help and construct a new model for love. Passionate about personal growth and tired of the trial and error approach, Isabell founded LovEd, a self-improvement company committed to revolutionizing the way we love ourselves and others. She believes, when people have the courage to heal themselves they can become the people they were meant to be. When she’s not busy changing the game of love, she’s cleaning a litter box and raising a son to be an extraordinary human.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Isabell and they dive right into the interview.

  • Isabell shares the story of how she has always been a rule-breaker.

  • The cultural conditioning that teaches us, as children, that we are not lovable.

  • Isabell shares how she create her New Model for Love and how she uses it to heal relationships.

  • Kelly asks Isabell to dive into how emotional maturity comes into play in a relationship.

  • Isabell’s program teaches us how to identify where I baggage comes from and how to handle it.

  • Self-awareness is the best way to truly create and develop a relationship.

  • Isabell’s work shows couples who have years invested how to identify what’s working and what’s not and she provides the tools you need to heal and re-create your relationship.

  • We don’t even know what baggage we’re carrying that can undermine our success.

  • Intuition is basically our old wiring.

  • Our ability to hear our inner voice is directly tied to how emotionally mature we are.

  • It’s important to know our value and our worth.

  • Isabell shares what her inner voice is telling her to do.

In Isabell’s Voice:

“You have to break rules in order to stand up for lots of things. Letting go of being polite, and doing the "right thing", or what culture says is the right thing, and listening to your inner voice, and listening to and embracing what you believe is your truth, and just standing up for what is your truth.”

“The message is that even to our own self detriment, when we sacrifice what we need and what we want, and what's important to us in order to have someone like us, or accept us, for being the measure for our value and our worth, we then abandon ourselves. We lose ourselves.”

“Every love relationship is comprised of two components, and that is romantic attraction, and emotional maturity.”

“Emotional maturity is the awareness of self, and your impact on others.”

“All of these experiences that we're all experiencing on some level and some kind of variation growing up, unless we're tending to that and being able to identify that and heal those past impactful experiences, we are inadvertently dragging them unconsciously into our love relationships.”

“Emotional maturity is something that we can grow, if we grow it on purpose.”

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