Carly Mentlik of The Inner Rainbow Project

Carly Mentlik has been teaching, counseling and creating curriculum and programs for children, tweens and teens for more than 15 years. Carly has a bachelor’s dual degree in special and elementary education and a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in girls' emotional and social development, both from New York University. Carly integrates Western psychology and education approaches with her trainings in Eastern mindfulness, yoga, chakras and creative expression modalities. She founded the Inner Rainbow Project and created the Chakra Girls, with the mission to empower young girls with the confidence-building tools needed along their path through adolescence.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Carly shares what the Inner Rainbow Project is, who it helps, and how she created the program.

  • How we can do the inner work, and help the young girls around us learn to never dim their light.

  • Both Carly and Kelly share some vulnerable stories from their childhood.

  • By learning to speak your truth, you can teach the young girls in your life, to do the same.

  • Overcoming feelings of conceit to truly embrace who you are.

  • Allow yourself to truly embrace something you’re passionate about.

  • Carly and Kelly share how resistance shows up for them.

  • Carly’s powerful 108 positive affirmations poster, and Kelly’s favorites from the bunch.

  • Carly shares what her inner voice is telling her to do right now!

In Carly's Voice:

“The Inner Rainbow Project is a movement and a celebration of that true self and a movement to help it stay alive. For no girl to ever have to dim themselves or their light in order to fit in, and be loved.”

“Raising confident and kind girls is a huge piece of what I do. Women themselves need to revisit those times where they dimmed their own light, and perform consistent work on their own self and their own confidence. They need to really believe in themselves, and to do that inner work, and that radiates out to their daughters.”

“It’s really about allowing myself to follow something that I'm truly passionate about.”

“I want girls to understand you don't have to hide different aspects of your emotions, that being sad, or angry, or having anxiety, or depression, or whatever it is is not something that's shameful.”

“I am allowed to feel proud of myself.”

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