Stephanie Dodd on The Dodd Protocol

Stephanie Dodd received a B.A. in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Psychology from Walden University, with the intention to enter into the counseling profession. By the time she finished graduate school, she found using complementary and alternative modalities helped her begin to transform her anxiety and seasons of depression and thus began studying with healers around the world. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Certified 200 Yoga Instructor, EFT Tapping Practitioner, and a Human Design Practitioner. From 2009-2017 she worked globally with women and men helping them to unlock the blocks to loving life through energetic & intuitive healing. During the years 2014 to 2016, she worked as a heart-centered sleep coach, and published an 7-Country International Best-Selling book, Good Baby, Bad Sleeper (Difference Press, 2015). In her programs and coaching, she taught parents tools for decreasing both their, and their children’s, nervous system response system to achieve healthier sleep. Now she teaches sensory deprivation yoga and meditation, while speaking to groups sharing the Dodd Protocol to Happier Living.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • A super busy mom and professional, Stephanie had a pivotal moment about a year ago where she got completely away for a few days, twice, and came out of it with The Dodd Protocol - a method for those of us who don’t have the luxury of going on retreat!

  • Listen to her and Kelly chat about what the protocol entails and how it might help you

  • Steph integrates tools like a touch pattern that signals you out of fight or flight mode, and knowledge of releasing emotional patterns with essential oils for certain emotions. She teaches this condensed routine so that you can put the brakes on.

  • Daily practice lets your mind let go, be quieter, and more calmly accept life’s tests

  • How the Dodd Protocol can give you the benefits of meditation in much less time

In Stephanie’s Voice

“When we keep going, we don’t actually have to feel with our bodies.”
“Being able to have 24-36 hours alone, away from your family, is not a convenience that most people have.”
“We intentionally and deliberately deprive ourselves of these two senses: we take away the sense of sight, and we take away the sense of sound.”
“Essential oils have the ability to get into your inner brain, which is where all of our emotions and memories are stored.”
“With just a few moments a day of doing this protocol, over time you will see huge benefits in how you are reacting to everything that’s coming at you.”
“The science is actually the bridge to the inner goddess.”
“When we change the noise that’s coming to us, we have a chance to impact the future.”

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