How To Be Strategically Creative with Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris is a social media strategist and trainer working with frustrated entrepreneurs who are tired of spending hours online with no results. Through her podcast, live video, membership community, and consulting she helps business owners take control of their social and actually see results so they can up their income.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about...

  • Stacey’s ability to think on her feet is one unexpected aspect of her creativity

  • A gratitude list helps create the space to honor yourself

  • Strategic creativity was born out of building social media marketing and now applies to her life in lots of ways

  • Take the pressure off to think of something clever: be creative more often

  • Strategies are living and breathing, they’re in pencil! They’re not there to control you

  • Maximize the creative energy of the moment: batch your content! Swap or reorder on a whim only because you have structure in the first place!

  • Stay in the space of content creativity for longer before switching into distributing

  • Map out your plans when you’re not feeling creative and lean on it to feel creative

  • These ideas work not just for entrepreneurs but for families, meal planning, and more!

  • Learn how Stacey structures her life to front-end decision fatigue, which rewards her with more time and even more space for creativity later!

In Stacey’s Voice

“Creativity for me is that state when you’re effortlessly coming up with ideas.”
“There’s so much creativity in entrepreneurship, in living our lives, in problem solving.”
“Starting a business while having a two year old took a lot of creativity!”
“A gratitude list is easy the first week. Then you run out of things to be grateful for. It forced me to dig deeper. I realized I’m grateful I can always find a solution - it’s a skill I’ve always had.”
Creativity is not reliant on skill. I can enjoy the exercise of doing something creative.”
“For me it’s about creating a foundational structure that allows me to semi-reliably become creative and share things worth sharing.”
“On days when I’m not feeling creative, I can lean back on days when I was and just use that.”
Almost no one is clever and creative on demand.”
“The plan, organizing, structure, and system were not there to contain me but to support me!”
Building out that initial structure of here’s what I’m saying, who I’m talking to, what I have to tell them, allows me to then come in with a certain perspective.”

“You’re probably already using systems in your life and really love them. Just apply that!”

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