Reactivating the Real You with Lara Dalch

Lara Dalch is a personal development and lifestyle coach to "women on the rise" who want more out of work, life, and body. She helps women bring the focus back to mind and body to form new habits that allow them to reclaim their health, happiness, and power – so they can make lasting changes and achieve their big dreams, in business and in life.

Lara is a contributor to health and wellness website MindBodyGreen and has been featured by Refinery29, Town & Country, Elephant Journal, the University of Virginia, and the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Virginia, is a Certified Pilates Instructor and received her training to practice health coaching via the State University of New York and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Lara Dalch.

  • Lara shares what reactivating the Real You means to her.

  • How Lara came to begin her journey to reactivating herself.

  • The ladies discuss what to look for when it’s time to reboot yourself.

  • Big life transitions often predicate the need for big changes.

  • Not all changes have to do with wanting to look different.

  • Rather than weight loss, you should be looking at food, physical activities, relatinships and stress management to determine if you need a change.

  • Most successful leaders prioritize mind, body and health.

  • The best place to start is by listening to your physical body and how it feels with different foods, or different experiences.

  • Lara shares how to get started with some great baby steps. Ie. The breakfast experiment.

  • Meditation is effective, and it doesn’t have to be the formal meditation you’re used to hearing about (Lara explains).

  • Mindful eating, and only eating a table.

  • The ladies discuss the different stories we tell our bodies. (ie. all or nothing)

  • The trick to setting goals is to make them inspiring and achievable.

  • If you can do nothing else, get your sleep sorted, then add in leafy greens.

  • Vibrant health playbook - It’s your personal road map to feeling like your real self, and understanding why you want what you want.

  • Many people have the identify illusion, where they have this image of what the ideal person looks like or does.

  • Build up trust with your intuition.

  • Five Days Of Journaling For Visionary Women

  • Kelly asks Lara what her Inner Voice is asking of her.

In Lara’s Voice:

“Women on the Rise. They’re all very high achieving women in some part of their life and in all parts of their life. They feel that they’ve lost touch of this sort of vibrant powerful version of themselves; which I would call, the real them.”

“As I started changing the food on my plate and the way that I was moving my body and just thinking about taking care of myself, everything changed.”

“Someone is ready for a reboot or not feeling like they can achieve whatever they’ve set out to achieve is that they tend to be in this chaotic mind state. And I don’t mean that in the kind of pathological sort of way, but they feel disorganized, anxious, tired, lazy, frazzled and lack in confidence”

“If you’re not looking at things like food, physical activities, relationships, career, stress management - if you’re not looking at all of those things, just changing your food is not gonna make any difference.”

“When you look at the most successful leaders, whether they’re entrepreneurs in the leadership space, they all prioritize mind, body and health.”

“Start connecting your mood to the food choices that you make, for example, which is not something to think about. Your mood, your energy level.”

“Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on a cushion in the middle of a yoga studio, ohming. It can be a very practical day-to-day thing. It can be as simple as picking something to notice throughout the day.”

“Unconscious stories are what we tell ourselves about being healthy and taking care of our bodies. All or nothing is one of those stories. It’s a very common, unconscious story that afflicts high achieving women, to a larger degree, that I call the all or nothing trap. And it’s tied to perfectionism.”

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