Honoring Your Sensitivity with Marian Buck-Murray

Marian Buck-Murray is a Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner who specializes inhelping sensitive, heart-centered, creative people boost courage, confidence and self-love. She is the creator of the 3-Step Tame Your Inner Critic with EFT method, and The Sensitivity is Your Superpower Program.

With an emphasis on holistic methods, Marian successfully overcame decades of autoimmune illness, cardiac surgery, traumatic stress, and limiting self-doubt. Inspired by her transformational experience she was guided to assist others in their own transformations.

A sensitive empath herself, Marian learned how to manage and embrace her sensitivity, so she could use it as her personal superpower. She is passionate about sharing her tool-box of self-help techniques with clients and students who struggle with sensitivity.

In addition to her EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practice, Marian is a speaker, author,and faculty member at the Academy of Healing Nutrition. She is the creator and host of the podcast Courageous Heartbeats.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • Kelly introduces Marian.

  • Marian shares that many people feel and look at sensitivity as a negative thing.

  • What Marian means by sensitivity.

  • Only 20% of the population is highly sensitive.

  • Marian shares her path to discovering that she is a highly sensitive person.

  • The different struggles a highly sensitive person can experience, and then they discuss the benefits as well.

  • You can strengthen your intuition and your sensitivity by clearing the toxins and releasing what’s holding you back.

  • “Allow our intuition” - the ladies discuss how powerful this phrase is.

  • You have to open yourself up to the bigger feelings.

  • Kelly and Marian discuss the things that can get in the way of diving deeper into your sensitivity and intuition.

  • Calling your journey a practice takes the pressure off of you to feel like things need to be perfect.

  • Clearing and the details of how to do it and why it’s so important.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique and how to use it in your practice.

  • It’s time to think of our sensitivity as a strength!

  • When we let go of perfectionism, it allows us to be who were meant to be and it changes everything.

  • Marian shares what her Inner Voice is telling her.

In Marian’s Voice:

“20% of the population is what you might call highly sensitive. Sensitivity is when you're in a room and you're feeling what other people are feeling or picking up on just different things.”

“I received a download of the reason why I kept getting sick. Then, I just got this download of all these metaphors that each illness had a very clear metaphor for what had happened to me in my life and how I needed to heal.”

“The control of is the difference I think between being in your head and being in your heart. When you're in your heart there's an allowing there. It is hard to let go of control.”

“What you do need to clear and get clear about is what’s in the way of your peace of mind, of your happiness.”

“When people begin to stand up in their sensitivity as a strength, it then becomes something that is way more powerful as opposed to hiding it and acting like it’s unimportant.”

“When we let go of the perfectionism of trying to be something that we're not or trying to be more like something that we think we should be like and just allow ourselves to be who we are, it changes everything.”

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