In Her Voice Ep. #2: Laura Thompson Brady on Coming Home To Yourself

Laura Thompson Brady, Ph.D. & founder of The Nourished Home is a master coach, spiritual guide, and sound healer who helps women awaken to their leadership and creative callings so that they can bring more harmony and healing to our families, communities, and larger world we call home.

In this very first interview of In Her Voice, Laura and I talk about how she found her voice, lost it and found it anew. She shares about the power of her authentic voice as well as her actual voice which she now uses as a sound healer.

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • How to figure out what is missing in your life.

  • How to shift from the "shoulds" to what really feels right.

  • What is the stuff that isn't necessary.

  • How to show up in the world in our greatest contribution.

  • Why it can be so scary to listen to our inner voice.

  • The daily practices Laura uses to connect with her inner voice on a daily basis, including meditative hikes through the woods and creating stillness.

  • Finding the how when we listen to our inner voice.

In Laura's Voice:

"The daily experience of not listening to my inner voice...was like a slow painful death I was inflicting on myself."

"Allow yourself to be surrounded by supportive people who want the very best for you."

"There are times when it's critical to be in a season of not knowing, of mystery, and be at peace with that."

"When we do the work of coming home to ourselves day after day, possibilities open up to us."

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