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Overcoming Perfectionism

This is my video and journaling based course to help perfectionists and chronic overachievers step out from underneath the weight of being perfect all the time and step into their worthiness each and every day.

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The Inner Circle

Looking for inner voice coaching for someone on a budget? The Inner Circle is a great place to find that structure you need to connect with your inner voice on a daily basis and put your ideas into action. Group coaching, accountability and community all in one place.

Things I Love

Many (but not all) of these links are affiliate links, which means when you subscribe or buy through them I will receive a (very tiny) commission. All of these things are things I love and USE! I will never share something that I haven't tried myself. Thank you so much for your trust and your support! xoxo

Self-Care Saturday


Every Saturday I feature a product or practice I am loving right now. From shower gel to my favorite guided meditation, you never know what you will get!


the Skimm


I try really hard to protect myself from video and audio of current events. I find it's just too much sometimes. So instead I get this FREE email every day! It helps me stay connected without feeling like I'm injuring myself!

All things Danielle LaPorte...


Love, love, love everything on her site. Spend time reading her poetic and insightful musings and then grab some #truthbombs and a yummy candle to go with. 


Amazon Prime


What did I ever do before Amazon Prime? I'm guessing you have it already, but if you don't here's your chance to try it out. We use it for everything from bulletproof coffee ingredients to family movie night.

Stitch Fix


Essentially, someone in the know shops for you, sends you a box full of lovely clothes, keep what you like and send back the rest. It's AWESOME!!


Audible Audio Books


I love reading, but I cannot read in the car. So I listen instead!! All of my favorite books below can be found on Audible. I highly recommend listening to You Are A Badass and Rising Strong. 

Some of my FAVORITE books!!