Erica Courdae on Undoing Yourself to Become

Erica Courdae is an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant. She is dedicated to expanding how multicultural professionals, managers, lawyers, coaches, and creative small business owners interact with the world. Through powerful conversations meant to create dialogue and connection, Erica seamlessly challenges them to perceive their reality through a different lens. Topics including diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion make for the awareness that she uses to create mind shifts for impact in life and in business. Erica believes talking about important and necessary topics in a safe space creates change and helps people feel comfortable, open, honest, and forward focused.

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Erica tells the beautiful story of rebranding her hair and makeup company and discovering inclusive business values that helped her see that there was more to her that needed to be brought out into the world 

  • Being yourself regardless of owning a business, not identifying too much by any labels 

  • Arriving at your awareness that you know more than you think you do. Answering your own question by hearing yourself speak is verbal processing

  • Remembering you are already deserving of things that are inherently yours if you claim them - no one else can deem you worthy, only you can deem you worthy

  • Dialogues of vulnerability, kindness, and tenderness can trigger positive ripples of shifts - conversation is a catalyst for change, in diversity and inclusion

In Erica’s Voice

“When you are trying to expand, there’s no way to keep shoving more in if you don’t find this way of ‘unbecoming’ who you’ve always decided that you are.”
“We actually advocate for all love being love. We showcase the type of beauty that isn’t always shown: an older woman, a woman that’s not petite, a woman of color, someone who’s hair wasn’t straight. Showing beauty in all of its facets.”
“Now I realize these are cornerstones of how I move through the world - as a parent and a person. I am more than I showcase. There’s a fuller version that needs to see the light of day.”
“You don’t want someone else’s buy-in to be an indicator of, ‘Oh you’re great today, but next week when I don’t buy, you’re not.’ That’s volatile. No one else should have that kind of control.”
“I am a person that looks to connect with purpose, intention, passion, hope, love, and patience. I am someone who looks for the good. Someone who looks to laugh. Love is a band-aid that will fix just about anything. I have faith in possibility even when fear tries to creep in. I find the good in people. I believe in space and possibility. In order to hold space for others, I have to hold space for myself.
“There’s this fallacy that you have to do these things in order to be deemed deserving of something that is inherently yours if you decide to claim it.”

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