noun  per·fec·tion·ism \pər-ˈfek-shə-ˌni-zəm\

a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable

Sound familiar??

Perfectionism holds us back, steals our joy, and keeps us stuck...stuck feeling not good enough, overwhelmed and/or frozen, and flat-out exhausted by all of the doing and should-ing and keeping up and meeting expectations. More importantly, perfectionism is often the very thing that is keeping us from living out our soul's true purpose!!

Are you ready to set yourself free from this never-ending cycle and discover that you have everything within you RIGHT NOW to feel good enough?

Overcoming Perfectionism is a course to help you develop practices and a mindset of worthiness so you can finally step off the never-ending path of perfection-seeking and start loving yourself today. Through videos and journaling prompts you will begin to release the hold that perfectionism has on your life and finally experience the fullness of a life beyond PERFECT.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • What perfectionism is and why it's an addictive cycle.
  • How perfectionism holds us back.
  • What keeps us from owning our worthiness.
  • Tools and Practices to put into place to help you overcome your perfectionism and step into your worthiness.

The self-study course includes 2 videos, journaling prompts and more to help you start shifting your long-held beliefs about who you are, what is required of you, and where your worthiness abides. (Here's a doesn't come from what you DO.)

When you finally set aside perfect, you will begin to see just how amazing you are and how great your life already is! Once you get past the hold perfectionism has on you, you are free to live the life you have always known you wanted deep inside of you. A life filled with purpose, passion and joy.

Don't wait another minute to tap into your inner voice and discover what is already there waiting for you!



Trust me...I've been there. In fact, there are days I still struggle with my inner perfectionist. BUT, I've learned that I don't have to stay in that struggle. I don't have to keep feeling like I am faking my way through things or that I am not allowed to make a mistake or fail.

I've learned the secret to honoring my imperfections and flaws and loving myself right where I am. 

The secret is listening to my inner voice. The voice that knows me, the real me, inside and out. The voice that loves me right where I am this very minute, not if or when I do something, but RIGHT NOW.

The voice that knows I am worthy

every single day.

Your inner voice is there waiting for you. Waiting for you to connect with it on such a level that you will finally feel aligned with your soul's true purpose.

Once you do you will feel peace deep within.

You will know you are worthy, loved, and deserving of anything you could hope for.

And you will know that you will never be perfect and that is the most amazing thing ever!