Inner Voice Academy June 2017: Worthiness

Online Academy Session: (will be posted after June 12, 2017)



These practices can be done at any time and in any order. Please reach out if you have any questions, especially if you are going through these on your own.


Journal on the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Once all the labels (wife, mother, daughter, etc.) are written, ask again...Who am I?
  • What makes me me?
  • What is the recipe of qualities that creates who I am?

These prompts are getting to the heart of what you bring into this world...your unique gifts. It's like a secret formula that when you put it all together the only person you could be is YOU!When we start to see WHO we are instead of WHAT we are or what we DO, we begin to understand our innate worthiness.


1. Make a list of all the things you feel like you need to do in order to be “good enough.”
2. When the list is done, draw a line under it and write the word WORTHY.
3. What do you need to do to be worthy? What do you need to be to be worthy? (hint...nothing except being you and owning your gifts!)
4. How can you help yourself feel worthy NOW, even though you haven't crossed off anything on the first list.


Journal on the following:

What get's in the way of me feeling worthy?

Be sure to keep this somewhere you can access it because we will be returning to it during the week.


I have found one of the best ways to turn our worthy meters up is to acknowledge the innate worthiness in people around us. 

Tomorrow try to find something uniquely wonderful and worthy about every person you come in contact with and see how that makes you feel. Please report back with your findings!


At the beginning of the week you journaled on what was getting in the way of you feeling worthy. Today I want you to turn that on it's head.

What helps you feel your worthiness more? Have you been able to identify certain practices that help you tap into your worthiness?

Compare the two lists side by side, and then meditate or journal on what your inner voice is asking you to do in order to feel worthy. What do you need to release and what do you need to claim?


Create a mantra that you can use every time negative self-talk pops up for you. It needs to be short and powerful. Once you have come up with your mantra, use it every single time you have a "not good enough" kind of thought. Please feel free to share your mantras in the group!


Showing ourselves love is a powerful worthy practice. Journal on the following prompts:

Ten ways I already show love for myself are:

Ten new ideas to show myself I am worthy and deserving of love . . . (then, commit to doing at least one of these things today)


Be your biggest fan. If you were your own raving fan-girl what would you say about yourself? :)