Inner Voice Coach-In-Your-Pocket

Okay. It’s time to get really honest.

You really want to work with me, but…

You don’t live in Syracuse.

You are really busy.

It’s hard to find time during the week to schedule things as it is.

You are on a budget.

I totally get it!!

When you finally reach the point where you are ready to invest in yourself it can seem like there are a lot of barriers in the way, and I just want to bring all of them out in the open and acknowledge them. They are there, for sure.

And they are holding you back.

You are not the kind of woman who wants to be held back, right?!?! So, I created this special coaching program just for you. It’s for the time and budget-conscious woman who wants inner voice coaching and all that it entails.

And I’m going to let you in on a secret…I think it’s some of the best coaching I’ve ever done. My current clients using this program are loving it and growing and connecting and dreaming in more ways than they ever even imagined!

We meet once per month for 30 minutes over Zoom video conference and the rest of the month we are connected via Voxer. You can check in every day if you want! You have me in your back pocket!

What I love most about this kind of coaching is that you can also use Voxer to verbally process through what you are working on. You literally get to hear your inner voice!! I’m on the other end supporting you, listening deeply, asking powerful questions and holding you accountable.

This is for the woman who is ready to commit to living into her Inspired Potential. You know it’s there and you feel it and you are tired of ignoring it.

Let’s get started!!

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