Hey friend!

It's so nice to see you here.

I see your beautiful soul shining inside of you. Your worthiness is in there too, so big and so full. Your inspired potential is just itching to bust out of that body of yours. I see your desire for more...more joy, more contentment, more feeling like you are enough and that you are doing it right. And I can also feel that pull inside of you to do something more, to have an impact, and to make a difference in this world.

I also see your struggle - the frustration that you aren't where you want to be. That feeling like if only you could make it over the hump, you would be able to accomplish what you were put here to do. When you have a big vision, it's easy to get stuck and overwhelmed with the greatness of it, and to wonder if you are really the person that has been called to this vision.


And you know what?? This is totally normal!!

All visionaries and world-changers (yep, I just called you that!!) feel this way at some point in their journey. They all feel scared and overwhelmed and out of their comfort zone.

The difference between women who change the world and women who don't isn't lack of fear, but their willingness to feel that fear and do what their heart is asking of them anyway.

You were given this vision for a reason, so what are you going to do to make it happen? How will you tap into that inner strength and courage of yours and take inspired action.

And here's the thing...you don't have to do this alone.


The Inner Circle was created for women JUST LIKE YOU!

You have the vision but need the confidence and courage to take those big, bold steps your heart is asking you to take.

You crave that extra support and accountability you know having a coach would bring you.

You are ready to do the work and want to have every tool available to you.


What is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is my private group-coaching and mastermind-style accountability group. The Inner Circle was created to help you listen to your inner voice on a daily basis AND take the inspired action you heart is asking you to take.

Action is required in order to create change, and that is what The Inner Circle will help you with. We all know what it's like to have a great idea - to be totally inspired by a great book or podcast or TEDtalk, to have that amazing goal...and then life hits you and the action doesn't happen.

It's not because you aren't good enough, or because you can't do it!

It's not because it's not possible! 

It's because you need help! You need support! You need accountability! You need sisters in your corner cheering you on! You need a coach teaching you the tools to stay the course and connect with your inner voice.

This is what you will get in The Inner Circle:

  • Two mastermind-style group coaching/accountability calls per month.

  • Heart-centered, intuitive inner voice coaching with me.

  • Weekly inspirational emails.

  • The power of a sisterhood to hold you up and believe with you.

  • A private community to celebrate wins, support each other and stay motivated and inspired.

  • Personal transformation through inspired action.

  • The ability to make an impact in the world around you and live a life filled with purpose and passion.



With The Inner Circle you will have access to heart-centered, intuitive inner voice coaching for less than you probably spend on coffee a day! Come in, hang out for a month or two, take a break and come back when you need it! I will be here for you!

Questions about The Inner Circle? Contact me and we can set up a time to chat to see if it's right for you!

I'm so excited to see you there!